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August 22, 2020

Scottsdale Living

10 budget grocery shopping tips to save money

With the constant rise and fall of the economy, grocery shopping can be a little challenging. Unplanned grocery often costs a lot which can be fixed if a little bit of planning and strategizing is followed. Following are some tips that might come handy when trying to do budget grocery shopping.

Select your budget

The first and foremost step to save money from grocery shopping is to select your budget. Analyzing the money that is being spent behind grocery and How much you want to spend and comparing between them gives you a fair idea as to how much you should actually spend.

Make a list before visiting the store

It is always a smarter option to create a list and try to follow it based on your budget. Creating a list gives you an idea as to what exactly are the things that you require and saves you from buying extra items.

Pay fewer visits to the store

A random visit to the grocery store inevitably means ending up with at least one or a couple of things that we do not require. To avoid this unnecessary expenditure, fewer visits should be paid to the grocery store, suppose once a week or thrice a month.

Compare and buy

This is one of many helpful shopping tips for you. The can of tomatoes that you are buying for $10 from a renowned grocery store might be available for just $6 in your local grocery store. It is always better to survey, compare the prices in the market and then purchase. It saves a lot of money.

Plan your meals

Planning your meals saves both time and money. Deciding what you are going to eat throughout the week gives a clear idea about what you need from the grocery store. Instead of depending on canned goods that have long shelf life, home-cooked food should be given priority. Leftovers also are a great money saver.

Not to be fooled by sale

Though sales might be a great way to save money, but often we end up buying things we do not require just because they were available at a discounted price. It should be remembered that if you did not buy a thing even when it wasn’t up for sale it means that you do not actually need it.

Switch to kitchen garden

Kitchen garden is currently trending and it is very convenient. Buying fresh herbs at grocery stores can cost a lot. Instead, you should try your hands at growing herbs at home. With a little help from the internet, basic herbs like tomatoes, peppers , scallions can be grown at home with ease. You can have as many vegetables as you can and that too for free.

Furthermore, vegetables such as corns, peas, cauliflowers, and green beans can be frozen. If you learn the basics of how to freeze food, these veggies can last very long in your house for emergency use too.

Choose cash as the only mode of payment

If you take just a small amount of cash based on your budget, you will be bound to be restricted to that amount only. Carry your credit/debit cards with you for emergency, but leave it in your car. In this way, unnecessary expenditure would be curtailed.

Carry a calculator while shopping

Getting surprised seeing the total bill at the register? To prevent this always carry a calculator when buying groceries. Calculating constantly will help you to stay within your budget and prevent you from buying unnecessary things.

Be a member of your grocery store

Check the loyalty programs of your grocery store and try to join it. Many grocery stores provide exclusive discounts to only members. With the help of this membership, you can get a huge discount on your grocery bill every time you visit and can easily save a lot of money.