The wedding venue and all arrangements are set and the big day is right around the corner. It’s nice to have your loved ones by your side before transitioning to what will be a new life season. Phoenix has many wonderful places with lovely chic vibes for a fun and memorable bachelorette party. From mimosas to Haute dinner menus, a variety of party experiences await across the Valley. 

Bridal party brunches

The Montauk

Need a place to go that has a great ambiance and is beautiful? Montauk is the place to have a bachelorette party. Bachelorette parties are held in the middle of the room and are surrounded by lively scenes, music and people. The incredible atmosphere as well as a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner menu is unbeatable. Macaroni and cheese is a restaurant staple, followed by delightful lobster rolls. That’s not all. Refresh your taste palette with a lemon drop shot. 

Tipsy Egg

Want to enjoy a cool and stylish setting with your bridesmaids? Tipsy Egg will make you want to come back again and again. This place is a great location to dine and enjoy life. You couldn’t go wrong with a pitcher of mimosas that is light and delicious, coupled with an enchilada-style omelet. The new and improved breakfast spot in Chandler won’t leave you disappointed. 

OEB Breakfast Co.

Before your big day, enjoy a lovely brunch with your girls at OEB Breakfast Co. They have an exquisitely crafted menu perfect for a Sunday morning brunch. The gorgeous courtyard is a great place to enjoy a classic breakfast and brioche or opt for traditional fare. Don’t forget to order some fun mimosa flights and spend your morning in a vibe-filled environment.

Á la Mode

The Canal Club

Walk into a tropical restaurant with your girls. The Canal Club is a chic, retro, popular brunch spot that will make you fall in love with the aesthetic. Order some refreshing drinks and savor every bite of unique appetizers, food and desserts. The restaurant is located inside the hotel but it is picturesque inside and out. 


Celebrate this special occasion at a unique place called Recreo, surrounded by an extraordinary ambiance that can serve large bachelorette parties. This new gem in downtown Chandler has a lovely layout and social setting. Set the table with Georgia peach sandwiches and chase them down with refreshing garden mules for you and your girls. The restaurant has fun games to entertain all of your bridesmaids’ needs.

Foch Cafe & Bistro

Paired with a delicious prickly pear margarita and soft and delicious crepes, it’ll have your girls talking about it all day long. Foch Café and Bistro is a great pre-wedding pit stop. The courtyard is the perfect place for the bride to relax and unwind. 

SugarJam The Southern Kitchen

Step into SugarJam, The Southern Kitchen, and experience a live DJ and a wonderful crowd. Reservations are required to enjoy this southern kitchen hospitality. You couldn’t go wrong with some catfish and grits to celebrate with your bridesmaids. The mimosas will leave you feeling as if your time is well spent.

Late-night soiree

Society by EVO

Dine with class and enjoy being in the heart of Tempe. Society by Evo is a beautiful place to spend the evening with the girls who are always by your side. The dining area is a luxury experience that will leave you captivated all night. You can never go wrong with the eatery’s Margarita Pasta — and don’t forget to top it off with a delicious chocolate brownie. Spend the rest of the evening hanging with your girls and drinking “The Floor is Guava cocktail.”

Cafe Monarch

Want an elegant, intimate, and classy bachelorette party surrounded by robust chandeliers and a private side room? Cafe Monarch is perfect for large groups, with options for a four-course or eight-course meal. The ambiance is high class, and the food is immaculate. The shrimp Tete de Moine and the Crab & Tomato are perfectly smooth and savory. At the end of the night, you’ll be pleasantly satisfied and happy you got to spend time with the people you love at this gorgeous location.


Need a place that has an excellent atmosphere for a bachelorette gathering? Sante in Scottsdale will provide you with a stylish dining experience. The mocktail selection is exquisite, and the Dole Whip Mimosas are smooth and delightful. The Shishito Corn Bread will have your girls ordering more and more. A fun evening had by all.