There’s no doubt about it. The COVID-19 pandemic gave us all a renewed appreciation for getting outside and experiencing life. Many people in Arizona are eager to hit the road and find those Insta-worthy shots that we all want to share. Whether you aim to capture the cultural allure, scenic beauty or idiosyncratic elements of a destination, this list has you in mind. Here are the 10 most Instagrammable places in Arizona for 2021.

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1. Red Rock Crossing

Red Rock Crossing is one of the most Instagrammable places in Arizona because it offers a great view of Sedona’s stunning red rocks. It is a great pick for those looking to take scenic photos with the rocks after a long hike or to quickly capture the sunset. Regardless of whether you want a few landscape pictures or a quick selfie with the rocks, Sedona’s Red Rock Crossing has you covered.

Tourists pose for a selfie in Grand Canyon National Park. (Photo by Sophia Kunthara, Cronkite News)

2. Grand Canyon National Park

Arizona’s best-known national park is a must see! With its wonderfully made grooves and vibrant colored rocks, the Grand Canyon is a great place to take photos with the view especially during sunrise and sunset. But make sure you don’t get too close to the edge!

3. Horseshoe Bend

Located in Page, Arizona, Horseshoe Bend is a popular destination and a great photo opportunity to add to your Instagram feed! To get to the scenic overlook, there is a 0.6-mile one-way trail from the parking lot that takes you straight there. For best lighting, try to get there right before sunrise.

4. The Wave

Right on the Utah-Arizona border, the Wave is a gorgeous red sandstone formation. The Wave is a great place for photos after a long day of hiking or a road trip. The area is so sensitive that the park service only allows a total of 64 people in the park per day and permits are given through a lottery. With its exclusivity and beauty, the Wave might be a great place to add to your bucket list!

Antelope Canyon

5. Antelope Canyon

Another red rock favorite, Antelope Canyon, also located in Page, Arizona, was carved by water over centuries as it went through the canyon; the formations left behind are heavenly. With all the shadows and swirly rock walls, Antelope Canyon is a photographer’s paradise. If you are looking for natural lighting and bright red-orange backgrounds, Antelope Canyon should be the next place you visit!

6. Bisbee, Arizona

The historic town of Bisbee, Arizona is a perfect road trip stop. The town is full of bright murals, buildings, and artsy stores to take pictures in front of. If you’re the artist and creative type, you’ll love strolling through the town as there are photo-ops around every corner.  For its hippie charm and fascinating history, Bisbee is a great place to take a couple groovy pictures to add to your feed.

Mooney Falls is the highest and perhaps the most spectacular of the Havasupai waterfalls.

7. Havasupai waterfalls

Havasupai Waterfalls, located in Grand Canyon, Arizona, is a great place for swimming and summer photos! It’s also one of the most Instagrammable places in Arizona. The beautiful blue waters are a must capture whether you are taking photos of the falls or an adventurous snap of you jumping into the water. Although it is an arduous hike to the falls, the Instagram photos are worthwhile!

8. The Scott Resort, Scottsdale, AZ

After a long day of shopping at Old Town Scottsdale, The Scott Resort is a great place to stay after for rest and bohemian vibe photoshoots. With glamorous amenities and decorative interiors, the Scott Resort is the perfect place for candid photos and relaxing selfies.

9. Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, AZ

Want to capture yourself in nature? Desert Botanical Garden has you covered! Located in Phoenix, the garden offers remarkable backdrops for the perfect Instagram picture. If you’re looking to get the Arizona experience across to your followers, the cacti, succulents, trees, and flowers that are scattered around the garden will help you out.

10. Chapel of the Holy Cross

Located in the buttes of Sedona, Arizona, the Roman Catholic chapel is an ethereal sight to see. Not only does it provide outstanding views of Sedona’ red rocks, but the chapel is one of the several vortex sites. Known for its healing and balancing properties, Sedona and this chapel are a great place to capture the energy in a photo. After meditating, praying or simply enjoying the breathtaking stained-glass windows and interior of the chapel, don’t forget to take a photo!