Memes are something that makes the web a happier place! You have to agree that the modern population is more into watching and enjoying visuals more than ever before! The idea is not to disregard the text-based contents.

But the newer generation prefers imageries and videos when it comes to grasping a story or content. Hence, most businesses also prefer to express their stories or services by using these types of mediums.

Memes are a popular medium expression that the media and business utilize significantly today. They have turned out to the favorite of any and everyone. Perhaps it is because it portrays just the right amount of humor with a clarified image, and the text helps viewers connect in a second and cherish it!

Memes are a video or an image that showcases the feelings of a precise viewer. If you are looking for a suitable meme generator to explore and make your free memes for your social media stream, this is where you should be. 

1. InVideo 

Video offers you a chance to be creative in a lot of ways, and meme generation is one of them! The meme generator of Invideo can be considered as a one-stop solution for any business. It can generate epic and amazing memes in a short amount of time. You can explore the wide range of templates that includes the effects, texts, fonts combined with flexible tools, and more. You can also alter the fronts or color of the meme later, and the exporting is super easy! 

2. Memetic

Memetic, as interesting as the name sounds, is equally exciting and effective for generating attractive memes. Just like many other generators, it has meme library templates. It has both old and new memes. This app is wholly made free now and hence is convenient to use for most. You can also get accustomed to its features quickly as they are very easy to use!

3. Make a Meme

Yes, it is easy as the name sounds. Its dynamic is straightforward to understand, and you will fall in love with the interface! If you are not tech-savvy, the interface and the tools will feel comfortable to you! When you attempt to create a meme, you can view famous memes in the background that you can choose from. You can choose the tops and bottoms variable from any meme and click on make a meme. You can also induce personal images in your meme and make custom meme texts. 

4. Memedroid

This is a classic generator of memes but has advanced in terms of features and more. It has a pretty regular interface, just like the others. In this one, you can also customize the images and add them to your own collection. 

5. Adobe Express

Adobe Express is an online tool that  will help influencers to create wonderful social graphics, logos, flyers, banners quickly, easily, and it’s free to get started, discover thousands of trending and powerful templates that any one will need for any business. Create your memes, logos, graphics for any design in one tap. Collaborate with your colleagues through shared templates and libraries. Quickly remove background from picture, and add animation to your image to make it more attractive, you can also convert images and videos, create GIFs, export PDFs, add filters, and much more. Adobe Express has all the tools you need to promote your business

6. Livememe

Just as you visit the site, you will see its homepage is loaded with popular meme options. Just as you have chosen the image that suits you and got added captions, you get prompted to upload it to Reddit with the help of a sharing option. Once you export the meme, you can share your meme on any channel of your social media networks. 

7. Imgflip

The Imgflip is continually advanced with hilarious images, funny memes, and highly viral content on the internet. The good news is you can access everything without a single charge! You can create both memes and gifs with this tool. The top features include image surface drawing, adding more than in the text boxes, and customizing fonts and sizes. 


This tap is gaining more popularity with time. This is the best tool if you look forward to making memes from pictures that are already famous. You will have to choose the pre-existing picture you like the most and add the same to the top and bottom texts. You can then fix the font and color and download it to share with your contacts!

9. Canva

With time, Canva has made its place among the top meme generators. People use it for multiple creative purposes today. If you want professional-looking and creative memes, you can go for this option! You can use it on your phone easily, and it takes up very little space. You can access almost a million stock pictures. You can also add your picture to make a meme.

10. Imgur

This app is another one that you must add to your list. It is mostly famous for its fantastic hosting platform. Users often host pictures on this application, so they can share them on social media. You can also access a separate meme-making tool that is directly available on the site. You only need to choose a default image on the website and type in your favorite texts! Selecting the texts to key in at the bottom and top in this app is easy no other!

11. MemeGenerator

One of the top-ranked tools to make memes is the meme generator. It is a readily available online and free meme maker. You can easily add captions and titles to existing pictures. You can get ideas from the app library about the designs, fonts, and tests. If you need an image to make a meme, click on ‘select’ and begin to make it with your character or image.

The Last Call

Making memes is no rocket science, especially nowadays. You can find many options for generating your memes and also customize them. It is an excellent medium that allows people to exert their feelings, thoughts, and opinions in a humorous way. It is mainly popular for the exciting and eye-catchy image it carries and its simplicity.

Most viewers say that they catch the gist of the subject. This is precisely what makes memes so favorable to one and all today, regardless of age or any condition. If you are trying to create memes for the first time, the above list will best suit you! They are simple, easily available, and effective in terms of features, interface, and outcome.