When we think of decorating our home, there are various spaces that puzzle us. During the renovation, the key areas have plenty of guides which we can follow to make it look alluring. However, some spaces need time and effort to achieve the desired result. Inside the kitchen, corner cabinet space is one thing that many designers get perplexed about. L-shaped kitchens are common and hence, you will always have to deal with at least one corner.

There are various ideas that you can follow, which have proven to be beneficial to hundreds of people. If you do not know about them, then do not worry, as we, in this article, are going to discuss Kitchen Corner Cabinet Ideas that you can apply to get the desired result.

Following are some of the ideas that you can follow:

1. Swinging Pullouts

If you are dealing with a pie-shaped corner cabinet space, then you can go with Swinging Pull Out. It is a great way to store things as shelves are placed inside the cabinet. When you open the cabinet, you can pull the shelves out and thus, can access things stored on the shelves easily. As we are talking about the kitchen, we can keep cooking utensils at this place.

2. Cornered Drawers 

Cornered Drawers are a great alternative to the Lazy Susan design (coming up!). As the name suggests, in the corner cabinet space, drawers are fitted that can be pulled when the need arises. Inside the cabinet, the drawer will be segmented into different sections. This can prove to be beneficial to us if we are looking to store a variety of things inside.

3. Lazy Susan 

Lazy Susan is one of the most popular design trends that you can see. Most of the decorators opt for this as it easily manages. These are pie-shaped cabinets that can be accessed easily. Moreover, it is versatile and flexible as you can opt for it above the kitchen counter or even below the kitchen counter.

You can store spices when you keep it above while cooking utensils can be stored when we use them below the kitchen counter. You just need to spin the shelves to get access to the items. However, you will be needed to peek inside the cabinet as it will not come out like the Swinging pullouts.

4. Diagonal Cabinet

Diagonal Cabinet is another common approach used to solve kitchen corner cabinet space issues. One vital benefit of this method is that you can use other techniques as well in this theme. However, you should be well aware of the fact that it is quite difficult to accommodate it if a prefab kitchen is in existence. Lazy Susan can be used if the cabinet is expanded and is larger.

5. Accordion Cabinet

Accordion is one of the most pleasing cabinet designs. The double door opens smoothly to let us access the stuff inside. Just as an accordion opens, the doors open in the same manner and hence, the name is Accordion Cabinet. Deep storage is achieved through this method. Generally, the shelves are constructed in pie shape so easy access can be availed.

6. Dead Space

Not all spaces can be converted to useful ones! Sometimes, the effort is greater than the output and hence, we should refrain from investing our time in it. One thing that can be done is to utilize that space in arranging items that are not frequently used. For example, New Year supplies are not utilized every day and hence can be kept at such places.

7. Standard cabinet 

Standard Cabinet can be used to store things efficiently. It can be constructed below or above the counter. Moreover, if you want to display your dishes, you can opt for a glass construction that works as a transparent medium. Generally, if people do not want “too much” in this area, they opt for a Standard cabinet as it is simple yet beautiful.

8. Sink in the Corner

If you have an empty corner in your kitchen, you can convert it to a sink. Moreover, a cabinet can also be constructed just below the sink so that different items needed to wash dishes such as soap, detergent, cleaning items etc. can be kept. You will not need to work too hard for this setup and hence, can go after it if you do not want to put efforts and want something easy.

9. Open Shelving

You must have noticed this in many houses but might not remember the name! Open shelving is generally done to utilize a large amount of space. Shelves can be constructed above the kitchen counter where numerous items such as dishes, coffee mugs, teacups etc. can be kept. You can even customize as per your desire. For example, if you are fond of nature, you can keep a small plant. Some people tend to grow a plant inside a jar, so you can even opt for it.

10. Garage of Appliances

No, not the conventional garage! But yes, kind of. Here, there will be a lift up door just like the garage entrance and hence the name. If you feel that the top of the kitchen is not getting enough space and is filled with various equipment, you can go after this décor idea. Put your toaster or blender behind the garage so that the space on top of the kitchen counter can be saved. Whenever needed, these appliances can be taken out easily.

11. Beverage Bar

If you are in search of an out of box idea, Beverage Bar can be a great option. Why go for conventional sink or open shelving when you can easily utilize the corner space into a bar! If you own a coffee machine, you can keep it here and during a special talk, can sit and talk with friends and family.

This was all about Kitchen Corner Cabinet Ideas. You are not bound to use these ideas only, but yes, these will surely give you a brief on how to go after that space. So, pick any idea that seems suitable and fill in the space with it.