Alter the style of interior decor. Have a closer look at the earthy aesthetics. Instead of crowding your shelves and stands with different man made carvings, have a plant based decoration. You can fantasize indoor decor more with the opulence of potted indoor plants. Well, after you welcome the charm of the impressive plant named as monstera adansonii, you need to know more about it. Here, plant care basics begin with the monstera adansonii care.

Do you want to impress your guests with a foreign decorative piece? Many homeowners love to add the fine touch of South America. So they find a place featuring indirect bright sunshine. It will be  just for the growth of the evergreen tropical vines.

Distinctive life patterns of the monstera adansonii is the most charming feature. Next, the fenestrations add a different appearance to the well-loved houseplant. With the monstera adansonii plant care, you will notice some prominent aspects. Next, as the leaves mature, you will see the changes in the shape of leaves.

Essentials For Monstera Adansonii Plant Care

Maintaining the structure of the plant is a must-to-do. So arrange the right support base for the beautiful vining plants. The characteristic of the plant is trailing over the pot. The best way to fix it is to support it with a dowel or moss pole. Also, the plant is adored for the trailing quality and many handpick the same for tuning it into a hanging basket.

Before the detailed explanatory guide, you will love to know about the tips of monstera plant care. For the unique, easy-going houseplant, observing the size and growth of the plant is required. The growth pattern of the plant is very fast. If you wish to choose some plant for small spaces, it will be a perfect here Homedesignnow giving some advice for growing a monstera plant and caring for them.

Growing Guide For Monstera Plant Care

Lighting And Temperature

If you consider the growing guide for the unique, and easy-going house plant, you will definitely count the aspects of temperature and light conditions. While doing the monstera adansonii care, you have to provide bright indirect sunlight. Next, the morning sun is a perfect feed for the plant but never exposes the plant to prolonged direct sunlight. The ideal temperature to grow the plant falls between 65 to 75 degrees. In wintertime, the temperature should not exceed 50 degrees fahrenheit. Also, they serve the best suitability under the fluorescent lamps.

Watering The Plant

Next to temperature and lighting, the right equipment for monstera plant care is watering. The plant requires a thorough watering. In winters, it doesn’t require watering but misting the plant is fine. Fertilizing the plant effectively is essential. Fertilizing the plant is essential. To create a stupendous growth, you have to choose the fine type of fertilizer. More to it, the regular liquid fertilizing is the ideal type.

You need to know how to pot a plant because it is an essential part of monstera adansonii plant care. You need to select the pot that will feature drainage holes. Next the plant sustains well in the standard potting soil peat. This is a need to trap moisture without the waterlogging inside the plant pot.

Get The Right Soil Base

You cannot simply forget the nature of following soil and transplanting. For the monstera adansonii care, you need the right type of organic-rich soil. Next, it has to have a well-drained potting mix. To avoid the root rot, the epiphyte needs extremely well-draining soil. The perfect soil combination will consist of perlite, charcoal, peat moss, and orchid bark.

You need to choose such pots where there will be large drainage holes at the bottom of the pot. Next the soil pH should fall between 5.5 and 7.0. To grow the plant in the most effective manner is to offer a greenhouse. Here, in the same atmosphere, people can find maximized balance of light, humidity, and temperature.

Why Do Leaves Turn Yellow?

The procedure of monstera plant care involves the grooming and maintenance aspects. Often the leaves of this plant turn yellow. What’s wrong in this plant? Next it is easy to identify the cause. It results because there is something wrong in the water schedule. When you will find the top inch of the soil to be dry, you need to water it.

Do not Over-Water The Plant

How to identify that you are not overwatering? A DIY approach helps in pointing out the difference. When you find the upper layer of the soil to be wet for continuous few days, you will understand that the plant is overwatered.

Also you have to consider the important step of propagation. Next, monstera adansonii plant care requires the positive step of propagation. With a little care, you can plant the roots. Next, it is widely produced via cutting. Identify the aerial roots and select a section of at least two to three nodes along the stem. Then you need to remove all the leaves and place it in damp soil.


For home improvement and decoration, you will find the above guidelines helpful. To keep the residential corners fresh and tidy, you can add the delicate greens i.e. the monstera adansonii plant. Here, everyone should know about the steps of monstera adansonii  care. Bring a check on the detailed guideline and you can plant the monstera andansinii in your interiors. Also to protect the stem of the plant, you