The chatbot industry has revolutionized  a lot in the past few years. Currently, there is a chatbot for everything in the market. From ordering food from your favorite restaurant to planning a surprise birthday party for your friend, chatbots have got your back in all situations of life. Chatbots have become so competent today that they can mimic human conversations perfectly. 

As a customer, it has become tough to differentiate between a human assistant and a chatbot. Like all other industries, chatbots have immensely impacted the travel industry as well. In fact, making a chatbot has become very easy. You can make an advanced chatbot for yourself in 10 minutes using a chatbot builder

Many people believe that chatbots have the potential to improve the travel industry and make it easier for humans to plan their holidays. They can assist in finding the best hotels in a particular city and also give virtual tours of all the places you would like to visit. Here is a list of the best 11 travel chatbots that can help you choose your next travel destination and also create a travel bot by yourself.  The best part is that they are no code chatbots and can be build with the help of a  bot builder.

1. Kommunicate

Kommunicate travel chatbots are the best combination of AI +human-like customer support. Their chatbots can help you in finding out the best possible deals for you while keeping you entertained. It is a very famous chatbot which is known for its competent sentiment analysis. It also offers you seamless integration with a variety of other messaging platforms and is extremely easy to use. You can make this chatbot with the help of Kompose which is a no code bot builder by Kommunicate. It is the best chatbot builder in the market that requires no coding.

2. Alison

This chatbot, in particular, helps you in booking your beach holidays. It is based in the UK and can assist you in getting your hotel and transportation reservations. It will guide you in booking a flight ticket and all the legal documents you must carry. It is an excellent travel chatbot builder that requires no coding. It might become somewhat limited after a point of time as it is unable to have engaging conversation with the customers and just give informational replies.

3. CheapFlights Facebook Messenger Bot

The chatbot can be used effectively in booking both flights and hotels while planning for your holiday. The best part about this chatbot is its exciting personality and quirky answers. It makes booking your flights and hotels a lot more interesting.

It can suggest the cheapest flights and hotel options when planning your holiday. The only shortcoming of this chatbot is its slow speed and that too is compensated with its intriguing personality. You can use a no-code bot builder to build such a chatbot for your own travel business. 

4. KLM on Messenger

This chatbot is different from other chatbots in this list. It is integrated with Facebook messenger and works in coordination with it. You can directly transfer to the KLM page, where you can request your flight tickets or other services. You can directly get your tickets delivered through messenger and can also request for seat change.

5. Instalocate

This is a very smart chatbot as it allows you to track your flight. Just by entering some simple details of your flight, you can know where your flight is currently. This chatbot can be built with a no-code bot builder and doesn’t require much knowledge. If you choose the right bot builder, you can construct a similar travel chatbot for your business needs. This can help you predict the time you will have to wait before boarding your flight. It is also integrated with transportation applications such as Uber and Lyft, allowing you to book a cab after landing. This chatbot is your all-in-one solution for travel-related problems.

6. Kayak Slack Bot

Possibly built by one of the best chatbot builders out there, the Kayak Slack bot helps you search for various travel information. It gives customers information regarding flights, hotels, and visiting spots in a particular country. It also helps you compare different options to provide the one that suits your needs the best and at the most affordable price. Customers can also check the flight status and terminal-related information. You will be provided with various site links to compare the prices. Just like all the other chatbots, Kayak Slack Bot can also be easily built with a no-code bot builder.

7. Assist

This chatbot is helpful not just while preparing for your holidays but also while you’re enjoying it. It helps you in getting your orders delivered to your hotel in a different country without any difficulty. It is also integrated with other messaging platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Slack. The ideology of this chatbot company is to act as a layer of service between you and the travel industry. Chatbots like assist require some of the best chatbot builders out there to ensure great automation.

8. Sofia

This chatbot is specially made for people planning their holidays in Portugal and Brazil. If you’re looking for attractive offers while booking your hotels and flights, you can seek help from Sofia. It can help you with comparing different deals that are available in the market and finally finding the best one for yourself. This chatbot is very friendly to talk to, and the interface is also quite user friendly.

9. Julie

This is a chatbot from Amtrak. It is the most natural chatbot that you will find in the market. You can talk to it in formal language, and it will reply accordingly. It can also comprehend different sounds in your background and respond again. Julie cannot assist you thoroughly with reservations, but she can help you figure out how to do it. You must understand that Julie wouldn’t fill out your travel information and make bookings for you but can help you in doing it without face any problems.

10. Claire

Claire is a B2B travel chatbot. It can help customers with booking their hotels and flights. It also can personally negotiate with the service providers to offer suitable prospects for customers. It makes sure that all your travel bookings are legal and adhere to the holiday-related terms and conditions of the country that you are going to. It can also communicate on a number of messaging platforms like Slack, Messenger, and Skype.

11. Carla

Carla can be used in booking your flight tickets and luggage-related laws. It can also assist you in packing your stuff and remind you of things you will most likely forget while packing. It can also help you in figuring out what type of visa you need and how you can get the access that you want.

All of these travel chatbots are great companions, especially when you have no idea about the country that you are traveling to. They can help you find the best deals to save up much of your money. Make sure you take maximum advantage of these chatbots while traveling to different countries.

Now let’s see how you can build a travel chatbot for yourself through the help of Kompose, which is a great chatbot builder.

1. First, you must sign up on the kommunicate page and fill in your Id and password before getting started with the official work. 

2. Now go to the Bots Integration option towards the left end of the screen and select create a bot.

3. Now you can build your travel bot with compose in four simple steps. Click on build your bot from scratch.

4. You can start the process by selecting a name for your bot. Select a unique and creative name for your bot and type it in front of the bot name section.

5. Now select an avatar for your bot. You will be given many options, from which you can choose the one you like the most. You can also set the language of your preference.

6. Now you may proceed forward after saving all of this information. In the second step, you will be asked if you want to automate human handoff. This means that your chatbot will automatically transfer the conversation to a human executive whenever it gets difficult for the chatbot to answer back. You can select if you want to enable or disable this feature and then move forward.

7. Now, you can add up all the frequently asked questions and their answers for your customers.

8. Simply add questions under the Answer section towards the left side of the screen and answers under what the bot says section. You can also add links with the buttons option. After adding all this make sure that you save all the information. You need to first write a welcome message for your bot that greets the customers.

9. Then you can add the possible questions in the answers section. After adding the question you must save the respective answer under the bot says section. You can also link things with the button feature. 

10. You also have the facility to integrate small talk within the chatbot. Just click on the small talk section and add questions and the respective responses. You can keep it fun to keep the customers engaged.

11. Chances are high that your chatbot might not be able to handle conversations or find responses a lot of times. So you need to have a default fallback response for the same. This is the response that will be shown to the customer in case it cannot find a suitable response.

13. You may now test your bot by asking it questions.

14. Also try to check the default fallback responses.

15. You can also check the small talk feature. 

Voila! Your chatbot is ready. Kompose is a very easy chatbot builder that requires no coding at all. 

You can make a chatbot by yourself without any knowledge of the industry. It’s the best no-code chatbot builder you will find in the market. If you want to have a deeper insight into the Kommunicate chatbot builder, then you may have a look at its specifications to understand more.