Coming off the fourth of July, some of us may or may not have stuffed ourselves silly — the barbecue, sides, pies, repeat. If you’re like “some of us” (fine, it’s me) and now seek to satiate a lighter summer appetite, we have a solution: summer salads. But, the Valley doesn’t simply offer up any old salads. Whether you’re in the mood for savory, sweet, spicy or a special treat, these Metro Phoenix local eateries’ salads are here to please. Check out 17 summer salad stops you don’t want to miss (say that five times fast). And, be sure to check out our staff’s favorite picks.

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The Black Fig and Beet Salad, The Italian Daughter

You simply can’t beet The Italian Daughter’s Black Fig and Beet Salad. This combo of sweet figs, beets and arugula, topped with creamy goat cheese and balsamic vinaigrette is a simpatico pairing of sweet and savory ingredients to make your taste senses sing. 

The Original Chopped Salad, The Gladly 

You’ll be more than glad you ordered this colorful collection of tastiness, aesthetically lined with rows of smoked salmon, couscous, arugula, pepitas, asiago cheese, currants, dried super sweet corn and marinated tomatoes, served with buttermilk herb dressing.  

Asparagus Niçoise Salad, Zinqué

You’ll be in the oo-la-la salad lane when indulging in the Asparagus Niçoise at Zinqué. Mixed greens and asparagus topped

Salad bowl filled with hard boiled eggs, lettuce, tomatoes and avacado.
The Asparagus Niçoise at Zinqué comes with mixed greens and asparagus topped with tuna conserva, hard-boiled egg, avocado, tomatoes and olives.

with tuna conserva, hard-boiled egg, avocado, tomatoes and olives are magnifique for your mouth!​​

Caesar Salad, Humble Bistro

Goodbye, hum-drum Caesar; hello Humble Bistro Caesar salad! This romaine chop with garlic breadcrumbs dressed in jalapeno Caesar dressing and topped with crispy Brussels sprout leaves offers a spicy twist on an all-time favorite dish.

Hacienda Salad, Someburros

This traditional salad combines romaine lettuce, corn, cucumber and tomato and is topped with crispy tortilla strips and cheese. Feeling like you want to mix it up with a little protein? Add carne asada or pollo asado (for a small extra fee) and you’ve got yourself an ensalada delicioso (delicious salad)!

Playa Salad, The Montauk

What happens when you mix citrus goodness with some of summer’s other fine foodie offerings? You get The Montauk’s yummy Playa Salad with orange slices, avocado, red onion, pepitas and queso fresco over a bed of artisan greens, with coriander vinaigrette to finish. 

Purple dressing jar next to Mexican salad with bowl of hot peppers nearby.
CRUjiente Tacos Mexican Caesar Salad with romaine hearts, spiced pepitas, cotija cheeses, escabeche, sourdough croutons and a roasted poblano dressing.

Mexican-Style Caesar, CRUjiente Tacos

Move over traditional Caesar, CRUjiente Tacos offers a Mexican twist you have to try! Atop a bed of romaine hearts sits spiced pepitas, cotija cheeses, escabeche, sourdough croutons and a roasted poblano dressing. 

Quinoa, Beet and Arugula Salad, Sauce

No, Quin-bla here! The Sauce has a saucy, glossy, gorgeous Quinoa ta-da salad full of golden beets, avocado, goat cheese, fuji apples and pistachios served with red wine vinaigrette. 

Grilled Watermelon Salad, Santé

Get your tastebuds ready for a sensational flavor ride with Santé’s Grilled Watermelon Salad tossed with Brussels sprouts, cucumber, cherry tomato, pickled Fresno chili, goat cheese, spiced pepitas and citrus mojo! 

Arugula, Spinach (and lots of other yummy stuff) Salad, EVO

A little bit of this and a little bit of yum is what you’ll find when you order EVO’s arugula, spinach, radicchio, cucumber, grape tomatoes, orange, and manchego, served with watermelon vinaigrette.  

Recess Salad, Recreo

It’s an homage to every elementary kid’s favorite subject: recess! And, you’ll find the Recess Salad at Recreo in the form of grilled chicken, strawberries, apple, candied pecans, feta, spring mix and bacon with a strawberry vinaigrette.

Flora’s Salad, The Sicilian Butcher

The Flora Salad’s parade of Italian-inspired ingredients will have you swooning! Enjoy a mix of heirloom tomatoes, Roman artichokes, roasted peppers, Sicilian olives, shaved parmesan and toasted pine nuts, served with a balsamic vinaigrette.

Salad with mixed greens, artichokes, tomato and pepitas.
The Sicilian Butcher’s Flora salad comes with heirloom tomatoes, Roman artichokes, roasted peppers, Sicilian olives, shaved parmesan and toasted pine nuts, served with a balsamic vinaigrette.

Arcadia Salad, Eat Up Drive In 

You don’t have to be a resident of Arcadia — for which this delish dish was named — to thoroughly enjoy this salad’s flavor-packed punch. Complete with dates, black currants, pears and apples, topped with smoked almonds and served with blue cheese and a red wine vinaigrette, this salad will beckon you to Arcadia often!

Firecracker Shrimp Salad, V’s Taproom

No scrimpy on the shrimpy for this salad! It’s full of spicy fried shrimp, Napa romaine, carrots, jicama, red peppers, mandarin oranges and fried wontons with a sweet chili sesame vinaigrette. 

Chinese Chicken Salad, Tipsy Egg

You’ll want to immediately tip your fork into this bowl of crispy sesame chicken, spring mix, shredded carrot, radish, jicama, red bell pepper, pickled ginger, toasted almonds, mandarin oranges and fried wontons with sesame dressing. 

Chopped Italian Salad, Fly Bye

This chop is topped with plenty of lovely, hearty, Italian goodies, including romaine, pepperoni, tomato, cucumber, artichoke, sweet peppers and mozzarella, served with an oregano vinaigrette. 

Levantine Lentils & Greens Stir Fry Salad Bowl, Pita Jungle

When you’re in the mood for Mediterranean, this stir fry will fill your soul and belly with lentils, spinach, Tuscan kale, baby arugula, and caramelized onions, atop a freshly tossed salad with seasonal mixed greens, tomato, Persian cucumber, yellow and red bells, radish, red onion, mint and sumac. Finished with a squeeze of fresh lemon, red wine vinegar and EVOO. 

AZ Big Media Staff Salad Winners

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Some of our staff members stuck our heads together to share our favorite salads with you:

Lynette Carrington, our fearless marketing and events specialist loves the Sauce’s Quinoa, Beet and Arugula Salad.

Crissy Souders, our multi-talented, multi-media marketing specialist, goes ga-ga for the Gladly’s Original Chopped Salad.

Maria Hansen, one of our outstanding account executives, favors the Firecracker Shrimp Salad at V’s Taproom.

Me, well, I can’t choose just one, but Sante’s Grilled Watermelon Salad sure is calling my name.