Most people think that getting a facial is a girl thing, and the majority of the males shy away from getting facials even if they feel that their skin needs it. Facials are not gender-specific. They are designed for everyone. With each passing year, pollution is becoming a growing concern, and it affects everyone. Men are more exposed to sunlight and air pollution as compared to women in their daily routine. Also, men’s skin has a higher risk of sun damage as their pores are larger, and skin is rougher. For that and many other reasons, men need facials more than women in some cases. The skin care products used in facial spas are usually formulated with natural ingredients to cleanse and nourish the skin. If you never had a facial before, you will be surprised by the visible results it produces. Also, spa facials are relaxing and soothing and make you feel well pampered.

This article lists down good reasons why men should get facials.

1. Prevent Blackheads an d Acne

The reason why more men are turning to the best spas in Manhattan is that facials help prevent blackheads and breakouts through deep cleansing. Male skin is prone to blackheads and acne as it has larger pores. Also, a man’s skin is 25 percent thicker than a woman’s skin. The esthetician thoroughly cleanses your pores during the procedure, which not only helps to reduce the size of enlarged pores but also prevents future breakouts. Facials include bio abrasion and other forms of intense exfoliation to get rid of those stubborn blackheads that you can’t remove at home with a pore strip.

2. Better Shaving Experience

Shaving is part of men’s daily routine. Every working man has to shave his beard and mustache every other day or after weeks. Shaving often causes razor burns, redness, breakouts, and ingrown hairs. Exfoliation is a primary part of the facial, which helps remove dead skin cells and helps to release the ingrown hairs below your skin. This helps improve your shaving experience by smoothing out your skin. Smoother skin leads to better shaving resulting. If you go for a facial with a beard, it will not be done on your beard. However, if you want to get a facial after shaving, make sure you shave your beard one or two days before your facial appointment for better results.

3. Give Your Face a Power Wash

Your skin gets exposed to pollution and dust every day, which leads to dirt buildup in your pores. Facials are designed with potent ingredients to detox your skin. All the facials start with a deep cleansing of the skin, and multiple cleansers are used in certain types of facials. Many facials include steam that opens up the pores so that clogged dirt can be removed easily. Visit NYC facial spa to get Energizing Men’s Facial. Many facialists use special massage and cleansing techniques instead of steam to clean your skin deeper than you can do at home. Thus, facials give a power wash to your skin, so get them at least once a month to keep your skin glowing, fresh, and dirt free.