When you think about your childhood, you must miss the temporary tattoos that we all used to use all the time. We almost spend all of our summers making tattoos on our bodies. We were used to using different colors, characters, designs, and themes. I know many teens who miss those beautiful memories, but now we can fill that spot again with something new. Yes, I’m talking about temporary tattoos. Nowadays, one can fill that spot again with something new, drawing funny shapes, getting tan lines, or making characters. Moreover, people love tattoos in order to show love or support anything, and it is really fun. One can even shop fun temporary tattoos online.

And if you are interested in trying the different tattoo designs, you would be surprised how many DIY temporary tattoo crafts and options we have collected. Here we have gathered the coolest techniques, methods, and craft we have tried or found so far.

1. Mini Cartoon Tattoos

Have you long been fascinated by the images you have seen on the internet, and you want them on your body? Making mini cartoon tattoos on the body is becoming popular, and people love to have them. Well, you might think getting this type of mini tattoos might be a little expensive as most of us want collaging together many little photos for an edgy style. So if you are not getting these types of tattoos just because they are expensive, then why not build yourself a temporary sleeve.

2. Vinyl Cutter Temporary Tattoo

Are you a crafting enthusiast who has all the helpful tools in your crafting room? If yes, then nothing else you need to make a tattoo on your body. And if you have a vinyl laser cutter in your crafting basket, then you have got one of the most effective tools ever for making a temporary tattoo. You can use this cutter to make the design or shape you want, or you like to make on your body.

3. Permanent Marker

Like many other ways making a tattoo of your own choice on your body by using any permanent ink is the best option. This one is considered the easiest and quickest way to draw any shape, character, or even if you want to write someone’s name on your body part a permanent ink will come handy. Moreover, this method comes without any skin infection, as many other methods can put your skin at risk of different diseases.

Tips For Making Tattoos on Your Body

We all find fun in getting tattoos on our bodies. Nowadays, you can get yourself tattoos through a number of different methods. Now that you have got your favorite tattoo after this, you are your own body artist. And if you are not sure where you should get a tattoo so be creative and have fun with making skulls on the arm and jewelry tattoos or shapes on the wrist.

A wrist tattoo is not just a postmark, but it could be a stamp that reminds you of something.

Making tattoos on your thighs will make you feel different.