Holiday season party planning is here. Whether it’s a Halloween bash, Friendsgiving, office holiday gift swap, or New Year’s ball, there is a lot to consider and prepare for as you put together your event checklist for holiday parties.

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Lisa Foster, Owner and Founder of Stylish Events by Lisa was recently voted #1 Wedding Planner Worldwide by OK Magazine. After years of planning social events, Lisa has the perfect list of tips and tricks to make sure your next social gathering is flawless. 

Write Down Your Event Must-Haves 

Writing down your event’s must-haves can ensure that nothing is forgotten. Everything from venue expectations to party favors will set the tone of your event. Creating a checklist prior to securing vendors will ensure each element of your event meshes well together. If you have an abundance of ideas and are not sure where to start, hiring an event planner can help. Event planners can interpret your ideas and design an event that not only fits your budget but brings your vision to life. 

Venue Deadlines Based on Each Specific Holiday

Holidays are a busy event season, meaning many groups are looking at the same venues. As a result, looking at venues a few weeks prior to your social gathering won’t leave you with many options. Booking four to six months out is the ideal timeframe to secure your top venue. 

In addition, once the venue is secured, most other planning can begin. For example, you can let vendors know a specific date and buy decorations that elevate your space. The earlier you book a location for your celebration, the more time you have to plan the rest of the details. 

Scheduling Vendors and Tracking Deadlines 

Three to four months before your event, your vendors should be confirmed and scheduled. If you don’t know where to start, event planners can be extremely helpful. They often have a list of preferred vendors that they trust. 

When tracking deadlines, it is helpful to create a master spreadsheet that has times and dates. For example, all items that must be completed six months in advance are grouped together, then five months, and so on. This template should be complete at the very beginning of your planning process and updated as things are confirmed.  

Whether you are a pro-party planner or deciding to host your first event, the holidays can be a stressful time. Ensuring you have clear plans and goals in place with yourself and any team members can allow your event to be seamless. If you have questions about your next event, reach out to an event planner in your area. 

Author: Lisa Foster is owner and founder of Stylish Events by Lisa. Stylish Events by Lisa has been planning events for the last 12 years and are based in the heart of Downtown Phoenix. They are a full event planning design company focused on providing personalized services. Each client is treated with the utmost care, providing a relaxing and stress-free experience. To date they have created some of the most beautiful and unique events in the Valley.