Monsoon season in Arizona is right around the corner, officially beginning on June 15.  While the National Weather Service does not yet have a pulse on how strong the storms might be, it’s always good to prepare your patio for the worst.

It is important to start with furniture that is high-quality and built to last. But, even then, there are several important tips that Valley homeowners can incorporate to try to avoid destruction in the backyard.  Before the storms hit, try prepping your patio by:

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Securing umbrellas and sails. Wind hazards are one of the most perilous accessories when it comes to Arizona storms. If they have not been professionally installed, make sure that anything which could be airborne is folded up and placed under cover when not in use. An important rule of thumb to remember is that an umbrella should never be up if people are not outside using it. Microbursts, or a localized column of sinking air, happen with little to no notice and umbrellas can be easily damaged before someone is able to get outside and lower it. 

Bring the hose out. Dust storms are annoying and can leave your patio looking dirty, which is not ideal when hosting a summer BBQ. Before having friends over, grab your garden hose and spray nozzle attachment to clean off any dirt that settled on the furniture. Make sure you give everything enough time to dry! 

Invest in weatherproof cushions. Between the sun, wind, rain and dust, patio furniture can really take a beating during the summer in Arizona. Investing in quality cushions can make cleaning up after storms much easier. Look for cushions with fabrics that are waterproof, stain resistant, dust-proof and anti-microbial. Furniture covers are also a great investment as well as they keep pieces clean and dry when they are not being used for an extended period of time.

When outdoor furniture shopping, look for chairs, tables and couches that are made with aluminum, teak, all-weather resin, or a resin and teak combination. These materials are proven to withstand harsh conditions better than the average wood or plastic alternatives.

Monsoons can be exciting to watch, but in order to keep your patio inviting and looking brand new year-round, make sure you prepare.


David Swartz is the National Sales Manager for Paddy O’ Furniture. He began his career in 2018 as an Exterior Design Guide, and became Store Manager for the company’s flagship showroom in North Scottsdale that same year. David was one of two people promoted to the newly created positions of Regional Manager in 2020, and became National Sales Manager in 2021. Paddy O’ Furniture operates seven locations in the Phoenix metro area and two locations in Nashville.