Arizona has one of the fastest growing housing markets. In 2021, Phoenix become the second hottest-housing market* and Scottsdale, Mesa and Chandler have seen am approximate 60 percent homeownership** increase. Once you become a homeowner, it is important to keep up with home maintenance checks to ensure everything is running smoothly and efficiently.

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With more than half of all homeowners spending $1000+ on home improvements*** last year, there is plenty of room to save when maintaining a home! Here are three maintenance tips that we share with our members at SavonServices, that can help you save after buying a house:

1. DIY VS. Calling in Experts

Little tasks such as snake draining, clogged toilets and even a broken disposal are all easy fixes. The average price of an expert coming to fix a small problem in the toilet or kitchen disposal can cost about $250. However, with one click to a YouTube video, a phone call to a neighbor or even a visit to your local hardware store, you can get the tools and pieces you need to fix your problem without having to pay a big fee.

2, Keep Up with Preventative Maintenance

Health and safety are key areas to keep an eye on when maintaining your home. Make sure areas are cleaned by keeping a tally on it. This can include making a list of the dates of when something was fixed or replaced so that if it is still functioning properly, you do not need to spend money to fix the area. For example, the average time you are supposed to change the smoke detector batteries are about six months. Write down the dates of when the smoke alarms are replaced or charge the batteries, which will save you money and energy.

Having a clean home is also important health-wise because if it is not cleaned properly, there can be pest problems, bacteria and the possibility of falling ill. Make a list to dust, especially during monsoon season in Arizona, and disinfect any surfaces in the house. Arizona is known to have scorpions, fruit rats and other pests that can damage areas of the house. Call an exterminator and have them do a routine clean every couple of months to keep pests out.

Finally, the Arizona heat can make the exterior of the house crack, so before the hot days come, it is a good idea to repaint the exterior of the house.

3. Cut your Energy Expenses

Arizona is one of the hottest states in the nation, so during summer months, the energy bill will increase. To save on energy costs, add in a programmable thermostat, change your AC filter, and utilize chores around the house to save the time, energy and money to replace a new air conditioner. If you need an expert to take care of your air conditioner or other house maintenance issues, you can easily download the SavonServices app as an alternative to home repair coupons to find contractors who can do multiple repairs on your home while also guaranteeing to save you money.

These easy-to-follow tips will help you become a pro homeowner and save on expenses that quicky add up! If you do not have time to maintain your own home, you can also use our SavonServices Mobile App to save on repairs. Through the home repair membership app, you can save thousands of dollars annually when using essential services such as carpet cleaning, electricians, garage door services, heating and AC, landscaping, locksmiths, pest control, plumbing, remodeling and roofing.





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