May 28, 2022

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3 types of garden maintenance services for your home

Are you among the 77% of Americans doing gardening at home? If so, you want to provide the ongoing yard maintenance and care that will help your plants and vegetation thrive. And sometimes you might need a little help doing it all.

Read on to learn about 3 types of garden maintenance services for your home!

1. A Landscape Company Can Provide Weed Control

One of the most frequent garden maintenance services you’ll need is weed control. And if you’re busy working or raising kids, it might be hard to find the time to do it often enough. But left untreated, weeds can steal potassium, nitrogen, and other precious nutrients from the flowers around them.

On top of that, weeds look bad and bring down the curb appeal of your property. For a homeowner looking to list their home soon, a garden overrun with weeds won’t look appealing. And the longer you let weeds grow, the more challenging they are to remove.

Landscaping companies can come to the rescue, offering routine weeding that will get rid of the roots and keep your flower beds looking good. They can apply mulch, too, which looks professional and fortifies your soil with nutrients.

2. Fertilizing Helps Your Vegetation Flourish

A good lawn care service can fertilize your lawn or trees. Controlled-release lawn fertilizers will ensure that your grass looks lush and healthy all summer.

A fertilized lawn will provide the perfect complement to your tulips, daisies, or other flowers. And it will help prevent rogue plants from showing up in the middle of your yard.

On top of that, tree fertilization will give your roots the nutrition they need to remain healthy and stable. Apply fertilizer to shrubs and bushes, too. And turn to for help with anything from general garden maintenance to aeration!

3. Turn to Lawn Care Services for Pruning

Are your hedges looking wild and unwieldy? And do you always have the good intention of doing something about it? You’re probably better off letting a lawn care service tackle the pruning for you.

Pruning can apply to hedges, trees, and plants. You’ll need to keep an eye on perennials, for instance, since decaying parts of a plant can inhibit healthy parts. You’ll ensure that the plant stays healthy throughout the season by trimming the plants and removing dead pieces.

Similarly, with annuals, you’ll need to thin your flower beds to avoid overcrowding. After all, you don’t want to deprive your plants of the nutrients they need.

And while you might think you can handle trimming a few branches from your bushes, bigger projects require more expertise. A full-service landscape company can remove dead tree limbs dangling over your driveway. And they’ll have the safety gear and experience to do it right.

Choose the Right Garden Maintenance

Investing in garden maintenance can set your property on the path to looking stunning. With regular weeding and pruning, you can keep your existing plants healthy. And with fertilizer, you’ll ensure that you have a lush lawn and nutrient-rich soil so your garden can look its best!

For more tips on lawn care, come back to find the latest articles.