Have you decided to join the bandwagon and grow your own cannabis?  It is an exciting journey, and with the right insights, you can harvest quality buds and bask in the growly of consuming a product you’ve watched grow and know what went into it. As you begin the journey, nonetheless, you need to be armed with enough knowledge to ensure that your effort won’t disappoint. Lots of beginners make avoidable mistakes. You don’t want to be in such a category, and to help you avoid them and get the most out of your efforts, here are a few common mistakes to avoid.

Diving in head first

Yes, growing cannabis is not rocket science, but if you dive in head first, with little to no knowledge of what awaits, you are in for a rude shock. What’s the best equipment as per your needs, would autoflowering cannabis seeds be the best option, what should you be on the lookout for, what set up best fits within your space? These are a few questions in a list of extensive concerns that you should research before investing your capital and energy into growing cannabis at home. The good news is that such research efforts won’t be a hassle owing to the readily available online resources such as blogs, tutorials, and discussion forums. Join the discussion, find out what other cannabis growers are doing, and from their experience, hone your cultivation skills. Arming yourself with practical knowledge is the easiest way to avoid more-damaging mistakes along the way, and grow enviable buds.

Picking your garden soil

There is nothing wrong with using standard garden soil, but are you confident that it is the best option? Your plants need a balance of nutrients to thrive, a concern that your garden soil might not address. You have done your research and established nutrients your cannabis plants will need throughout their growth cycles, now you need to apply it, and the first stage is picking the right soil. You can avoid soil mistakes by hitting the market, shop around, and select the best soil following your requirements.  Mot products make it easy to find the best soil as they label the nutrients ratio. You basically need a balance of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, commonly referred to as N-P-K.

While considering the nutrients level, keep in mind that the plants’ nutrients requirements vary over time and type as well. For instance, if you are growing photoperiodic strains, you need soil rich in nutrients compared to autoflowering options that don’t need as much. Picking the right soil per your strain type eases the growing efforts as the plants get the right balance, and you can quickly correct nutritional deficiencies as well.

While considering the soil, don’t forget to check the PH levels as well. Maintaining the optimum PH levels as required by the cannabis plants eliminates concerns arising from nutrients deficiencies as the plants are unable to uptake the necessary amount. Before adjusting the feeding schedules as you spot some concerns, therefore, it is essential that you assess the PH levels, and amend it as necessary to avoid over or underfeeding your plants as you address the signs rather than the root cause.

Noting that the soil is the foundation of your cannabis plant’s growth, don’t forget to check the texture as well. The plant’s roots will expand in the soil, meaning that if it is not strong enough, it can’t anchor the plant and facilitate healthy growth. This, however, doesn’t mean that you should pick clay-like soil that is too dense, as this would only make it worse. With such soil, water won’t adequately drain, a concern that could lead to problems such as root rot, not to mention that the roots would have a hard time getting the much-needed oxygen. The trick here is to choose nutrient-rich soil that easily crumbles in your hands.

Choosing the wrong seeds

So, your friend offered cannabis seeds, and without a second thought, you are already planting them? Well, that could be a huge mistake, especially if the seed’s genes aren’t that good. Even for the most experienced cannabis grower, starting your grow with inferior genes won’t get you that far. Sure, you can get free or cheap seeds, but wouldn’t you rather enjoy quality yields by investing a little more? Finding quality cannabis seeds isn’t that demanding. With a quick visit to Home Grown Cannabis Company, for instance, you get a chance to browse an extensive collection of quality seeds, allowing you to pick an option that best fits within your requirements. With informative descriptions and customer support, moreover, you can easily make an informed decision, ensuring that you kick start your cannabis growing endeavors with superior genes and realize quality yields.

Ignoring safety

How would you like to be the trending idiot who burned down his/her property growing cannabis? Well, I guess that you wouldn’t like it, not one bit. Prioritizing safety can’t be stressed enough, noting that your grow-room is characterized by a mixture of electricity and water in such small confines. If they mix, then you would be in for a huge fire disaster. Maintaining the right environment while ensuring that the two don’t mix might seem quite easy, but if you aren’t careful, with a blink of an eye, your efforts could be turned into ashes.

Avoiding these mistakes eases your cannabis growing quests while improving the likelihood of realizing quality yields. After following your plant’s growth and doing everything as it should, however, don’t forget that timing your harvest also counts. If, for instance, you are going for a stoning effect, then waiting for the trichomes to turn amber would give you the best kick. Harvesting the buds when the trichomes are cloudy, on the other hand, gives you a product delivering a stimulating high. Having a magnifying glass would come in handy, as it enhances your effort’s productivity as you carefully examine the plants and ensure your harvest timing is as per your preferences.