Forget having an air conditioner in Phoenix. Buying a central air conditioning unit, in general, is a crucial investment. And this is supposed to be a reliable unit to withstand the sizzling temperatures of the summer without propelling the overall utility bill at the end of the month. That’s why you’ll be happy to know that many of today’s AC units perform not only better than their predecessors from so many years ago but are relatively more economical than before as well.

It hinges on making a proper amount of research and appropriate comparisons regarding the price rates, sizes, shapes, styles, and cooling system models. So, as you can see, it’s not an easy task hunting for the best AC units anywhere, let alone in Phoenix, Arizona. But that’s where this article comes in. We’ve rounded up the best ac units for Arizona from some of the most popular manufacturers in this article altogether. These brand products are the finest representation of Arizonan weather.

1.   Trane

When folks hear of the name Trane, they normally associate ‘quality’ and ‘trust’ with this brand.  And it makes sense given the fact that this company has been operable for almost 100 years now and has been the ideal choice for many homes in the southwestern United States.  But what many don’t realize today is that Trane’s air conditioners offer fully capable energy efficiency.

Trane is especially renowned for always bringing something new to their audience.  This is true, especially when it comes to their units being energy star rated.  As a matter of fact, the brand doesn’t only comply with the U.S. Department of Energy’s basic energy efficiency standards; they exceed them with flying colors.  Now Trane ensures that each of their units sold today exceed those standards.  In most cases, Trane’s air conditioners strive to exceed those standards by 10% in most cases.

Most Trane air conditioners are modulating, which helps improve their overall cost-efficiency.

They are especially known for operating at low capacities for most of the time, reducing the unit’s overall energy usage and noise output. Trane’s models also feature ComfortLink 2 technology that communicates with each of the central AC system’s components to improve overall performance and efficiency.  This technology also enables homeowners to control their units via the brand’s dedicated smartphone app.

2.   Lennox

Like Trane, Lennox is also one of the best ac units for AZ that strives for reliability, as reflected by the overwhelming online customer reviews regarding their products.  And just like Trane, Lennox’s AC models have a strong affinity towards energy efficiency.  The Dave Lennox Signature XC25 justifies this that’s rated, 26 SEER.  Some of the models boast SunSource solar-power features, which means your AC will be far more efficient thanks to in-built solar panels that come with the unit.

Most Lennox models also come equipped with iComfort Technology, which is similar to Trane’s ComfortLink II technology. This technology allows users to change their unit’s temperature and system all from their own smartphone. The owners are liable to a 10-year warranty on the compressor and internal components.  However, unlike Trane, Lennox offers a limited lifetime/20-year warranty on some models’ heat exchangers.

One supposed downfall to Lennox’s models is that they’re completely proprietary. This means that unlike Trane and Rheem, Lennox doesn’t have the same kind of access to widespread supply chains. This means that homeowners will have a hard time looking for a replacement for any of Lennox’s model’s parts. And in case your unit needs a bit of a tune-up or repair in your Phoenix household, visit this site.

3.   Bryant

Another renowned Arizonan AC brand is Bryant, which has over a hundred years of AC building experience like Lennox. This brand has been a leader in providing brand-new units sold in the metro areas of Phoenix.  Besides that, Bryant is especially known for its exceptional ratings.  Speaking of which, their latest entry, known as the Evolution System, features the top-rated cooling system for homes to date.  In fact, this product is so revolutionary that it also earned the best buy status from consumer’s digest.  Using Bryant’s Evolution System, homeowners will be able to control their unit’s humidity, temperature, fan speed, ventilation, and indoor air quality.

4.   Rheem

Again, like Lennox, Rheem’s units are known for being highly energy-efficient thanks to their overwhelming energy star ratings. The units from this brand utilized two-stage compressors, which gives them a greater ability to convert energy. The sound blankets that come with the compressors allow them to lower noise pollution.

The Rheem models also feature onboard diagnostics systems that are capable of detecting and cataloging potential breakdowns so that maintenance technicians are alerted before a unit’s problems become even more serious, and the damages can be repaired much quicker. Other Rheem models feature an ozone-friendly refrigerant that doesn’t harm the ozone layer, unlike other refrigerants from other AC brands.