Arizona is one of the best places to retire, as most seniors enjoy the cozy weather of the state. Even in the winters, the temperature barely dips below 40 Fahrenheit, which is a blessing for the elderly. Rightly so, Arizona is termed as the sunshine state in America. The state provides many benefits for senior citizens, as it has one of the best caring systems in all of America. With so many senior care facilities in the state, what factors should you keep in mind when choosing one? How do you pick the best living care facility? To make things easier for you, I have made a list of 4 living facilities in Arizona, which might be best for you.

Sedona Winds Retirement Community

Located in Jack’s Canyon, Sedona Winds is one of the most spacious and comfortable retirement living facilities in the area. It has a very diverse and versatile community as everyone lives in harmony with each other. If you choose to live in this facility, you will be provided with a whole studio and bedroom where you can easily spend your days in comfort. Moreover, there are a lot of shops and restaurants where you can enjoy good food, and there is even a golf course so that you can do something productive with your day. There is a wide range of activities such as yoga, games, movie nights, and book clubs where you can mingle with other people and make friends.

Fellowship Square Historic Mesa

If you want to live out the rest of your days in a Christian community, Fellowship Square Historic in Mesa is a non-profit Christian faith community home, which might be the best option for you. The residents are provided with all the basic features such as a bedroom, a living room, a studio, personal care, housekeeping, and laundry services so that they don’t have to worry about doing daily chores. The best thing about this facility is that it has two swimming pools where you can enjoy your summers, and it has one of the best food services in the area where you can enjoy plenty of delicious food.

However, some of these facilities may be too far from family. So, to make sure that you find a senior care facility that is not too far from a town center or your relatives, you should consider using CaringAdvisor to help you find a facility that meets your needs.

Royal Oaks

This 38-acre facility is more like a mansion and less like a senior care house. When it comes to luxury, there is no other facility in the area that matches the lavishness of Royal Oaks. With a comfortable environment and a lot of opportunities to delve into social and cultural outings, you can choose to live out your days in quietness or enjoy as much activity as you want to. The facility provides an open roof dining facility where you can soak in some morning sun, and it has a first-class fitness center where you can keep active and stay healthy.

Thunderbird Senior Living

Located in Glendale, Thunderbird offers different types of facilities to its inhabitants. You can either choose to live independently or have some assisted help if you want to. This facility is best known for its community, as there are a lot of activities such as a spa, theatre, beauty salon, games, pool, etc. where you can mingle with people. It is a perfect senior residency for someone who is looking to make some new friends while spending his days living his best life without home maintenance or worries.