January 8, 2018

AZ Big Media

4 silent alternatives to the fidget spinner

Parents who give their kids fidget spinners say their kids have trouble sitting still, and these trendy objects have become an important tool to help many kids with ADHD, anxiety, and Autism.

But since they’ve been marketed as a toy (and make a racket), fidget spinners have also been being banned from many schools, leaving many kids without a key coping tool. So what are kids to do?

The education advocates at Brain Balance Achievement Centers, a holistic, drug-free approach to addressing behavioral, social, and learning difficulties, suggest four silent alternatives to fidget spinners for kids with ADHD:

#1 Kneaded Erasers

These functional fidgets erase pencil marks on math tests and keep tiny hands in motion with endless kneading.

#2 Sand-Filled Stress Balls

These are so satisfying and stress-relieving, even adults use them! The small, tough sand-filled balloons are easy to keep in an desk.

#3 Chair Rubber Bands

These thick rubber bands around their front chair legs give their feet something to fidget with, leaving their hands free for note-taking.

#4 Markers and Paper

Doodling is great for children with ADHD as they can listen to the teacher while they draw.

Parents who think their child is using a fidget spinner as more than just a toy and might have a social, behavioral, or learning difficulty can take this simple online assessment: https://www.brainbalancecenters.com/our-program/childs-personalized-plan/online-assessment.

After years of helping children with behavioral and social challenges, the experts at Brain Balance have developed a cutting-edge (and drug-free) program combining sensory motor exercises, academic stimulation, and a clean-eating nutritional program to correct brain imbalance and improve achievement.