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September 10, 2020

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4 tips to increase your chances of winning fantasy basketball

With the NBA resuming its playoffs, now is the right time to plan your next draft and aim to win lots of money. If you haven’t drafted yet, then you’re in the right place as we will teach you some tips to ensure a win in the fantasy basketball league.

However, if you drafted already, you should give a hundred percent of your attention to the waiver wire. Don’t be scared to pick surprise performers as a sudden momentum from them can instantly turn the tide of your games. Also, they are good picks when your late-round picks don’t do what you expect them to do.

Whether you are a first-timer or seasoned veteran, there is something for you to learn here. That said, here are tips that will guide you to victory.

Go for Multi-Category Stat Players

In fantasy basketball, multi-stat players are your go-to players when you lack one or another, such as LeBron James.

Many people go for a player who is a scoring specialist, but this may be the time you should let go of them. Instead, go for players who contribute a lot in multiple factors, such as rebounds, points, steal, or blocks. Also, you might want to look at the waiver wire and see if there’s a player who is a multi-category specialist.

Drafting this kind of player won’t make your team overly focused on one factor, like pointing, which is a widespread mistake among beginners and veterans. Moreover, multi-stats specialists are flexible and have a fair chance of winning against any team, especially teams with a single, overly high stat.

Keep a Close Look on Sleepers

Having a strong draft pick that mostly consists of star players isn’t enough to win the season. They might start strong, but they can lose momentum in the middle of the season, which puts you at risk of losing. To avoid this, keep a list of sleepers that can be handy throughout the season.

The middle of the season is a crucial time for everyone since this is the time where injuries and other unfortunate events can happen to a player or worse, to your team. Also, the middle rounds are full of people who are brimming with potential, have a lot of playtimes, or just have enough experience to excel. That said, keeping sleepers that you think will excel in the middle round is a smart decision.

Keep Grinding

The regular NBA season is long. Thus, you should watch out for players and coaches that are often sleepers. Keep a close lookout for people that are consistent and flexible in the league. These people often are sleepers that are continually improving throughout the season. Hence, keep grinding and stick to your roster. With close management, you can enhance them, giving you a better chance of winning.

You don’t have to play NBA DFS every night to gain experience. However,  playing every night for several days a week is an excellent way to help season remote management. You can also play free competitions and see if your players are productive and which of them is not doing what you are expecting them to do. With this strategy, you can isolate and manage a player to be more helpful to the team.

Always be Updated

Being regularly updated on the latest news in the NBA requires time. But if you are willing to sacrifice, being updated is one way to adjust and improve your roster. Use every resource in your arsenal, such as your phone. Try installing a box score app or always be logged on to Twitter.

Twitter is a good source of basketball updates. You can turn on your notifications on your favorite basketball superstars and their teams to get ahead of the information. Being one step ahead of your competition is a surefire way to get ahead of your rival teams.

Punt Wisely

This tip can be applied to all category leagues. Punting is to give up one stat to increase the other core four or five stats. Also, for negatively correlated stats, you can give up on it and increase the other stats closely related to it.

That being said, this is one of the hardest tasks a new fantasy CEO will experience. Evaluating your team’s strengths and weaknesses and doing something about it to avoid a lot of losses in the season is quite tricky, even for veteran DFS players.


To keep it short, the most effective weapon to bring in fantasy basketball is knowledge. That said, always be updated on the recent news and events in the NBA, as well as news about your favorite teams and how they are keeping up with the rest during the playoffs. Research all you can with the available resources, and you’ll have enough knowledge to make a prediction and possibly win the whole season.