It’s hot in Arizona as we take on summer, and most Arizonans are spending their time near or in the pool to keep cool. A day laying out in the sun or swimming in the pool is fun and all, but it can be damaging to hair if you’re not properly taking care of it. It’s important to take steps to care for your hair before getting in for a swim and treating your hair properly after hopping out! Drybar Arizona has a few suggestions to keep hair looking its best without having to give up a dip in the pool:

Take a quick shower to wet your hair before swimming. Rinsing hair off with water beforehand is not only going to keep hair products from getting into the pool and making the water murky, but it’s also going to keep your hair from soaking in all of the chlorine and chemicals found in pool water. Wet hair won’t soak up chemicals and chlorine as dry hair does. However, no need to rinse your hair if you’re not planning to get it wet.

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Before jumping in for a swim, pull your hair back into a braid. Pulling hair back into a braid will help to fight tangles and keep hair in order. Plus, you’ll be looking stylish and keeping cool! Those with long hair could try out double dutch braids, and those with short hair can try out a single french braid that pulls all hair back into one. Both of these hairstyles can be done on wet hair after taking a quick shower to rinse hair as mentioned above, or dry hair if you’re only lounging. (If you need extra help with a fun and trendy braid, Drybar can do that for you!)

Immediately wash your hair after getting out of the pool. If you get your hair wet while swimming it’s really important to wash it right away. This way you’re washing away all of the chemicals from the pool so they aren’t left sitting and drying on your hair which causes damage. For those swimming at home, a great shampoo to have on hand for use after swimming is a clarifying shampoo like Drybar’s On The Rocks that gets rid of junk and excess on the hair and scalp. Anyone that is traveling or on the go can try something such as a water-activated shampoo like Drybar’s One-Two Punch. It’s a powder shampoo that comes in a small bottle and foams up when water is added.

Add a leave-in conditioner treatment. Just as you would add aloe or lotion to skin after being in the pool and sun, apply moisture to your hair as well. After washing your hair super well, finish it off with a super hydrating leave-in conditioner or treatment like Drybar’s Bay Breeze to provide some extra moisture and treat/prevent damage.

Spending time in the pool shouldn’t mean that you have to compromise the quality and health of your hair. As you take on Arizona’s summer and a day at the pool, try these tips out. If you’re ever in need of hair guidance, products, or trending styles this summer, remember Drybar is here to help!


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