A leather jacket is a staple piece of clothing to have in your closet. What’s great about it is that people of various age groups can pull a look off, which involves a sleek leather jacket as it balances perfectly between looking modern yet classy. But the fashion industry is seeing advances too. The hooded leather jacket is the new style of leather jacket creeping its way into people’s wardrobes.

What’s Great About A Hooded Leather Jacket?

First off, we’ve all wished to dress up a little too well at work but not looking ‘professional’ has always stopped us. Well, you won’t have to worry about it when you wear these! Hooded leather jackets look great with a variety of articles of clothing which give you enough freedom to style it however you please, to look more professional.

Treading down the same train of thought, these jackets are an excellent overcoat for the winters, a great outdoor look for evenings, and casual enough for a friendly hangout! Their ability to look great in various styles is what makes them our favorite wardrobe essential.

With millennials taking over decision-making positions and filling up the corporate spaces globally, office spaces are a little more enjoyable for those who love styling themselves every day. This is helping many embrace their style more openly.

And the cherry on top? These jackets look great on every gender too!

But just because office spaces are being liberal about working attire doesn’t mean you have to spend your mornings in front of your wardrobe trying to find the best fit for the day; we wouldn’t want you to waste your time doing that. So let us help you out! Here are five of the best looks when styling a hooded leather jacket that are workplace-friendly.

1. Jacket + Plain Button-Down

Hone a plain button-down shirt (we all own this classic piece of clothing, as a working professional) with a pair of sleek black trousers and finish the look with a hooded leather jacket. This look would be minimal on design and color but will help you look classy and well put together as if you’re down for some serious business.

2. Sweater Weather

If things get chilly, why not put on a sweater? Sweaters look great with leather jackets, so if you get cold easily, this is your time to shine. First, put on a comfy pair of trousers and a plain shirt and pair it with a darker sweater. Then, layer it with a hooded leather jacket to contrast the sweater. The light and dark combination would make the look very appealing while keeping it minimal and office-appropriate.

And if you get a little too hot, you can always get rid of the sweater without killing your overall look!

3. Jackets & Waistcoats

This might not be the first look that comes to your mind, but waistcoats indeed pair well with leather jackets!

Opt for a waistcoat and pair it with a darker leather jacket. Finish the look with fitted trousers or jeans and a tie. This would not only be an excellent look for the office but a great outfit for office events.

4. Pattern Pairs Well Too

If you’re a lover of patterns and colors in your everyday office attire, this look might be for you! You can wear a plain button-up with a printed or checkered pair of trousers and finish the look with a simple hooded leather jacket that fits. You could even add accessories such as a watch and tie to match the overall look.

Leather jackets are the new normal in office spaces. With a few staples in your wardrobe, you can create a neverending cycle of trendy looks that are guaranteed to get you loads of compliments throughout your day at the office.