The hottest months of the year are here. When was the last time you had your home’s air conditioning unit(s) serviced? Experts recommend an annual inspection to maintain your home system, and avoid air conditioning issues, or worse, failure during the industry’s busiest season. Here are the top 5 air conditioning maintenance tips you should focus on to ensure your home system is running properly and efficiently:

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1. Refrigerant system inspection

The refrigerant is the life blood of your air conditioning system, and what makes the cooling process possible. The refrigerant captures the heat from the inside air and transfers it to the outdoor unit. The refrigerant levels should be inspected and charged properly to keep your system balanced.

2. Outdoor condenser coils – should be cleaned annually

The outdoor condenser coil creates heat transfer removing the heat from the refrigerant. When coils are dirty or damaged, this process becomes inefficient.

3. Indoor evaporator coil – inspected for damage, rust and cleanliness

Just like the outdoor coil, it is important to ensure the indoor coil is clean and undamaged annually. It is uncommon to have to clean the indoor coil every year but it is important to verify it’s clean for the summer.

4. Condensing system flushed – ensure proper water drainage

Your air conditioning system removes heat and humidity from the air – it produces water which needs to be drained to the outside of the home. The condensate system can become clogged without proper maintenance. By flushing the condensate system you are ensuring proper drainage of the system.

5. Test all electrical components – motors, capacitors and contactors to confirm they are operating within the manufacturer specifications.

Air conditioners have several parts which wear out. The electrical components can potentially cause wear and tear on other parts. Replacing them when they are operating out of specifications will prevent breakdowns and more costly repairs.

Other air conditioning maintenance advice includes general overall inspection of the unit, including, duct leakage, lineset insulation, filter size & type ensure it is sized per the equipment, and damage.

Author: Todd Russo is president of REEIS Air Conditioning, a family-owned and operated air conditioning, heating, and home performance company. For more information, or to book an appointment, visit, or call (602) 884-0486.