Friendships and friends are fun. They let people discover their alter-ego. You share all your secrets with them. You travel places, have fun, and eat food together. You also don’t mind living on their pocket money and spending it like your own. Friends often live on each other’s money for food, shopping, and whatnot! But when it comes to birthdays, you have to make it special for your best friend by giving them the most memorable birthday gift.

After all, birthdays are all about showering your love and good wishes on all your near and dear ones. This special day is also about telling them how much your loved ones mean to you. So, if your best friend’s birthday is around the corner and you are not able to find the best gift options for them, here are some brilliant gift ideas to consider.

A Gift Basket:

You can never go wrong with gifting a gift basket to your best friend. In fact, a gift basket makes the perfect gifting option for your foodie friend who loves munching on delectable savories. Many gift stores and online platforms design attractive gift baskets full of gourmet items such as chocolates, cookies, biscuits, cheese, healthy drinks, and others.

If your best friend is particular about their health, you can gift them a healthy gift basket full of protein bars, organic snacks, baked puffs, lentils, etc. In either case, a gift basket makes a great choice of present for your dear friend.


Do not give a second thought to gifting some of the best novels/books to your bibliophile friend. Reading is a good habit, and you can supplement it more for your dear friend. Buy them the best novels full of some enchanting stories. We promise they will treasure this gift all their life.

Custom Bobbleheads:

It is one of the quirkiest gift ideas that you can plan for your best friend’s birthday. Bobbleheads make an eccentric gift choice for everyone, including your best friend. And when you can get them customized with your best friend’s face, the gift becomes even more special.

Bobbleheads can be put in the car, on the working desk, or anywhere on the shelf or bedroom. Find a platform that designs some cool custom bobbleheads and get ready to present them to your friend on their birthday. They will surely cherish this unique gift idea.

A Picture Collage:

Another memorable gift idea that you can plan for your best friend’s birthday is a picture collage. You can gather all the best pictures of you and your best friend and design them in a beautiful collage to present to your friend.

A collage makes a special gift. Your friend visits down the memory lane of your friendship and appreciates all your efforts in making them feel special. Make sure to add a few funny pictures in the collage to put your friend in splits as they open this gift.

Stationery Kit:

If your best friend is a sucker for stationery, a stationery kit makes the best gift idea for them. A stationery kit includes everything that your friend may want to use and enjoy – pens, pencils, sketch colors, painting colors, canvas papers, watercolors, brushes, painting knives, and others.

You can buy a stationery kit of any reputed brand and present it to your dear pal on their special day. Additionally, you can also write them a birthday greeting on the canvas paper to give this gift a personalized touch.


We hope that these birthday gift ideas help you make the choicest decision for your best friend’s birthday. You can buy these gifts from both online as well as offline platforms. Let the hunt begin.