Being outside in nature is important for both your physical health and mental health. However, not everyone wants to spend their time in the yard if it’s not well-maintained and looking nice.

This is why it’s important to have a great-looking landscape. With lush grass, properly placed flowers and plants, and maybe a few decor items to bring everything together, you can transform your landscape into an area where you’re excited to hang out.

If you’re looking to spend more time outside but are not quite sure how to fix up your front yard or back yard, keep reading for more landscaping ideas.

1. Patio

A patio is one of the best ways you can improve both your front and back yard. Patio areas are perfect for sitting outside and enjoying the weather, having gatherings, or doing other work.

Furnishing your patio with seating and a fire pit makes it a great place for everyone to hang out.

2. Plants and Flowers

Your landscaping really pops when you have plants and flowers properly placed in your yard. The bright colors make your yard stand out and they fill the space beautifully.

Depending on how you want to arrange your flowers, you can carve out space in front of your home, place flowers at the edge of a staircase, or even strategically place them in pots around your front porch or patio.

Hanging plants and flowers are always a good way to fill up space with color as well. You can find more ideas with STL landscaping.

3. Gardens

Having any type of garden is a lovely aesthetic, but it can also serve a purpose. For example, herb and vegetable gardens produce food for you to eat. Raised garden beds or potted gardens give your garden definition and make it easy to care for.

Butterfly gardens are a great way to let butterflies pollinate and they’re pleasurable to look at when they attract lots of different butterflies.

Other gardens such as rock gardens provide a tranquil feature and you can change the scenery fairly easily if you want.

4. Water Feature or Pool

Water features are common in landscaping design. They bring all the other features together and sometimes provide a focal point. You can incorporate fountains, ponds, or even small waterfalls into your landscaping.

A pool is another way to give function and fun to your space. While a pool area is a large investment, the landscaping around your poolside is equally important because it makes your pool stand out.

5. Walkway

If you plan on spending time outside, why not instill a stone walkway? This will make it easy for you to get to your backyard oasis and have some functionality. There are a variety of stones to choose from and you could make a paved walkway or stepping stones.

Landscaping Ideas For Your Home

There are countless landscaping ideas that you can implement in your home, but that doesn’t mean all of them will work for you. Take a look at your yard and gather some inspiration for how to make it beautiful.

Do you need more inspiration for your outside space? We have what you need! Visit our home gardening page today for more ideas.