For many homeowners, the kitchen and bathroom are the most important areas of the house. These spaces are usually the most expensive to renovate and can involve intensive construction and time. You may be thinking about renovating your Arizona kitchen and bath but wonder if a remodel is worth the effort or money.

Did you know that an updated kitchen and bath offers homeowners a return on investment of more than 60%? Adding value to your home is a major incentive for undertaking a renovation.

But, for everyday life, a renovated kitchen and bath can make your home feel more comfortable. It can also become more functional. Read on for 5 kitchen and bath solutions that will inspire a renovation.

1. Southern Bath and Kitchen

A southern bath and kitchen style has been a major trend in home design over the last few years. Popular shows like Fixer Upper on HGTV have helped spread southern style across the country, even to Arizona.

For a southern-style bath and kitchen, you’ll want to start with a simple color scheme. Think whites, cremes, beiges, and neutral tones. Next, add natural textures like wood cabinetry in the kitchen or raw stone tile in the bathroom.

Remember that southern style should be unfussy. Stay away from cool modern finishes and embrace the rustic look!

2. Farmhouse Chic

Like a southern bath and kitchen, farmhouse chic is an easy-to-replicate and inviting style. Farmhouse chic is an ideal renovation choice for the homeowner who finds country style a little too rustic but does not fully connect with ultra-contemporary.

Farmhouse chic is a great way to blend multiple styles in your kitchen and bath. In your kitchen, pair shiplap white-washed walls with a black metal wall sconce for contrast. Or, in your bathroom consider a claw-foot tub with a geometric tile floor.

3. Modern Look for Less: Affordable Kitchen and Bath

Contemporary kitchens and baths may have an expensive look, but that doesn’t mean the style has to be out of your price range. Modern style is an affordable kitchen and bath concept because it involves minimalistic furnishings and finishes.

In a modern kitchen, nix door pulls or nobs. A fixture-free cabinet creates a clean look and also saves you money. In a contemporary bathroom, avoid expensive or intricate tile designs to stretch your budget.

4. Introduce Fireclay

Interesting materials like fireclay can make a tremendous renovation impact. But what is fireclay? Fireclay is a type of ceramic that is molded at very high temperatures.

In your kitchen or bath renovation, a fireclay farmhouse sink can be a durable and unique addition. Or, fireclay cellars would add a luxurious touch in the kitchen or pantry area.

5. Spanish Style

In Arizona, Spanish-style homes are plentiful. If you live in a Spanish-style home, embrace the Mediterranean look in your kitchen or bath renovation. Some classic design ideas include using Spanish-style tile or warm wood cabinetry.

An Arizona Kitchen and Bath Remodel Can Transform Your Home

Whether your style is southern comfort, bold and modern, or Mediterranean inspired, a kitchen or bath remodel is sure to add resale value and interest to your home. If you found this Arizona kitchen and bath article inspiring, check out our other home stories for more ideas.