When it comes to cleaning standard stairs, such as those in houses, buildings, and various condos, you have to give them special attention. 

It is essential that stair areas are completely free of obstacles and dirt. This takes care of the environment and also your health since you prevent the spread of the coronavirus. This virus can be stuck anywhere, including on stair rails. Sometimes the dirt is excessive on this surface, so you have to work immediately. Cleaning stairs depends upon the material from that they made up. Like Concrete stairs need more cleaning to compare to the wooden stair. Follow the advice of a domestic cleaning agency, and you will have the best success to work. For cleaning the stair, you can also take the help of an expert. So if you want to clean your stairs, you can click on this link https://www.stockholmsallstad.se/stadfirma/trappstadning/.

Below are a few ways to clean the stair area:

General procedure for cleaning community stairs

Stair cleaning should start from the upper floors and go down so as not to dirty the clean area again. The frequency of stair cleaning should be carried out at least once a week. Although it is a periodicity that can vary by the size and number of neighbors in your community.

Remove integral dust: Cleaning of the stairs in houses should be started by removing dust with the help of a broom or a vacuum cleaner.

The best practice is to start from the highest floor and continue downwards to avoid staining and forcing us to work double. Do not forget that the material of the stair is key to determine the products that we must use. Like if you have wooden stairs then don’t use a wet cloth for cleaning and the same with iron handle stairs. 

Cleaning the Steps

This step involves cleaning the stair treads from top to bottom, ensuring that any falling debris is removed. Remember that the most important thing about this cleaning of stairs and corridors is that it is carried out in hours when nobody goes up or down the area. Because if you do in when usages of the stair are maximum, then your work gets wasted.

Cleaning of Railing and walls:  The first step is to start in the high areas so that the dirt falls on the floor. The railing, as we have already mentioned, is especially important, so a disinfecting product with a microfiber cloth, must be applied. On the walls, use a feather duster or rag to remove accumulated dust particles. Do not use wet clothes on the wall; it will spoil the paint of the wall. 

Scrubbing the stairs:  The main thing to keep in mind is that the stairs must wet to avoid any incident with the tenants of the community. The double bucket method can be used, the first pass with a bucket with a product and then another only with water. This would be the method if there were a lot of dirt.

Persistent stains: If, after the stair cleaning routine, some stains are still present, they must be treated depending on the type of surface that the stairs made up of. To remove the stain, one can also use a special product that is available in the market for stain removal.

The cleaning of stairs must be carried out very frequently. Naturally, if the stairs of a neighboring community are used infrequently due to the existence of elevators, maintenance and cleaning require less time than in other cases. In many cases, dirt is not easily seen with the naked eye. But, for that reason, it is not necessary to forget to clean them. Cleaning the stairs regularly over time will make them look better and decrease the chances of spreading the virus.