When it comes to choosing Florida cities when searching for your next home, the first ones that come to mind tend to be Orlando, Miami, or Tampa.

But north of those sunny cities is a somewhat hidden gem.

Tallahassee is a diverse, beautiful, and affordable city located in Florida’s panhandle. With milder weather and lower costs than some of the state’s other popular destinations, it’s a great spot to call home.

If you’re thinking of moving to Tallahassee, keep reading to learn 5 benefits you’ll soon enjoy.

1. Affordable Living

Florida isn’t exactly known for inexpensive housing. However, if you’re dreaming of moving to the Sunshine State on a budget, Tallahassee is a great choice.

The median home cost in Tallahassee is around $184,500, which is around $100,000 less than the national median home price.

Compared to a larger, yet more affordable city like Chicago, health care, utilities, transportation, and even food and groceries also cost less in Tallahassee.

2. It’s Located Near Top Vacation Destinations

If you’re new to the state, moving to Florida might be enough of a vacation.

But if you find yourself in need of a getaway, you’re in luck. Tallahassee is located within easy driving distance of many popular southern destinations. Just a few hours from Orlando and Jacksonville, and less than a day’s drive from Miami, the Florida Keys, New Orleans,  and Atlanta, you’ll have no shortage of options when you need an easy trip.

3. Luxury Real Estate

While it is possible to find affordable housing in Tallahassee, if you’re looking for something a bit more luxurious, you’ll find that here, too.

Like many southern cities, Tallahassee features some beautiful architecture and stunning family homes. Whether you’re dreaming of a modern condo in a downtown high rise or a sprawling home tucked back against a tranquil waterway, you’ll find no shortage of luxury homes in and around the city.

4. There’s No Shortage of Attractions

For singles, couples, and families alike, there’s plenty to see and do in Tallahassee.

The St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge is home to miles of trails popular with runners. Check out the historic lighthouse or go birdwatching.

Tallahassee’s Antique Car Museum features hundreds of cars, trucks, and other memorabilia that will be a hit with car enthusiasts and history buffs.

There are plenty of other state parks, museums, and other attractions throughout the city for spending a day exploring or hiding out indoors on a rainy day.

5. The Weather is Mild

If you are ready to move away from somewhere that sees freezing winters, but aren’t quite ready to commit to the full heat and humidity in much of the rest of Florida, Tallahassee might be just the answer.

With fairly mild year-round weather, the city typically sees temperatures between 41 degrees Fahrenheit and 91 degrees Fahrenheit, with the weather only very rarely going higher or lower.

Moving to Tallahassee

Moving to Tallahassee is a great chance to enjoy mild year-round weather, affordable housing or find a luxury home, and more.

Of course, if you’re not quite ready to trade the desert sun for the humidity of Florida, check out the real estate section of our website to find your next Arizona home instead!