Everybody has limited time on earth. Maybe some have longer span and others have longer life. Maybe both sounds contradictory but it is true. How long your life is doesn’t matter, instead how you live your life matters. Within 24 hours, how much time you dedicate to a particular project with full consciousness defines who you really are in real from inside. Sometimes in pursuing wild goose chase, we take our health for granted that only reduces our true potential. Though it is impossible to have more than 24 hours for any person, you can create a larger impact on your work by using your time wisely. Here are the five best things you can do to better yourself.

1. Morning Walk and Jogging: Walking is one of the mind soothing exercises and helps us to keep energized for day to day work activities. Just opposite of intense workout, in walking you need not to take much effort. So, you don’t get tired much and don’t feel hungry much. The risk of injury comes down when you are reliant on walking for your physical activities. It is the best way to start a healthy schedule without injury if you are planning to start a heavy workout session. Keep a fitness tracker band with you always to measure your heart beat, calories burn, steps, and others.

2. Healthy Breakfast: After spending 1 week in morning walk, you can go for jogging which has all the same benefits as morning walk does but in an increased amount. But your physical activity is not completed in absence of right nourishment. After your morning walk or jogging, have some healthy breakfast, including milk, eggs, oats, muesli and others. You can also have some plant based protein alternatives that are a healthy way of having proteins for vegans.

3. Healthy Routine: Surfing the internet and finding some amazing health blogs to curate my own fitness routine. These are the best available sources to improve health with enjoyment. I got so many recipes, training strategies, knowledge of the combination of nutrients, and whatnot. Visit and try it by yourself.

4. Know Your Supplement: If you are in hardcore training, you must know how to use supplements for improvement. Protein, creatine, BCAAs, mass gainer, fat burner, and others are some of the supplements that you should be aware of with right knowledge.

5. Importance of Sound Sleeping: Good sleep in the night plays an important role in overall growth. Your bodybuilding or wellness depends on the hours of sound sleep you are up to. It is a time when your growth hormones are at their peak to perform. So, avoid all those activities that can hamper your sleep at night.


With healthy habits and an attitude for self improvement supports your energy to get channelized in a better way. So that you can enjoy the maximum output with minimum effort. Time is not a constraint for you if you are taking all these small steps everyday toward bettering yourself. Being healthy is one of the best things you can do for your friends and family so that you can stay beside them when they need you the most.