To many, Virginia is a great tourist location, and the “birthplace of the nation“. However, to architecture fanatics, it’s one of the greatest locations in America to view classic architecture.

Virginia architecture has had its own set of changes and development over the years, but it’s always retained an air of importance and class. This article will walk you through a brief guide to Virginian architecture.

1. Colonial

You can’t beat the classics. When it comes to architecture in America, colonial is as old as it gets. We’re a relatively new country, so you’re not going to find any ancient homes in Virginia.

You are, however, going to find large chimneys, gambrel roofs, thick walls, flattened columns, and decorative crowns. Many of these houses will be symmetrical and focused on brickwork.

Colonial houses feature an almost shake-esque austerity. They’re simple and largely unadorned

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2. Georgian

Georgian houses are another one of the most common staples of Virginian architecture. Georgian homes also focus on symmetry, however, they find themselves more embellished. The easiest way to spot the difference between a colonial and Georgian house is the level of ostentation.

Georgian styles largely evolved due to European pattern books. The Nelson House in Virginia is a great example of Georgian Architecture.

3. Federal

You’d be remiss to study Virginian architecture styles and not know about federal buildings. Federal styles are far more likely to have a curved design than the previous styles on this list. They’re more likely to get even more decorative than Georgian styles.

The John Marshall House is a great example of federal architecture in the area. It was largely based on Renaissance ideals, which in turn were largely based on the Greeks and Roman classical architecture. This may very well be why columns started to become involved.

4. Queen Anne

The Queen Anne architecture style brought American from the 19th century into the 20th century. They feature front gables, towers, and wrap-around porches. They were the standard domestic type of building in the Victorian era, and they call to mind some of the best pieces of European Victorian architecture.

5. Folk Victorian

Folk Victorian is a style of Virginian architecture popular around the same time as Queen Anne. However, unlike Queen Anne, it focuses on a level of “folkiness” and features less ostentation. Some people prefer these simpler houses.

Virginia Architecture

Though America is still a young nation, it has a culture of architecture just as rich and deep as any other country. Virginia architecture is one of the pinnacles of American art and innovation. To learn to appreciate these styles, be sure to check out Colonial, Georgian, Federal, Queen Anne, and Folk Victorian architecture styles.

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