BroBasket is a perfect one-stop shopping experience to fulfill many a manly desire.

December 2, 2017

Erin Thorburn

Here are 5 five fun, functional and unique gifts for guys

Seeking to pay homage to a few fellas this festive season? Look no further. We’ve rounded up five fun, functional and unique gifts for guys in your life. 

BroBasket – From husband, son and brother, to coworker or boss, BroBasket is a perfect one-stop shopping experience to fulfill many a manly desire. If booze happens to be a go-to for your guy, you’re in luck – BroBaskets come catered to his preferred beverage of choice, including whiskey, scotch, gin, beer and so on. In addition to bottled beverages, these baskets include munchies to accompany said spirits – popcorn, pretzels, chips and more. If alcohol is a no-no, not to worry, BroBasket offers a range of other male-oriented ensembles, including a BBQ, College Care Package and Golfer Gift baskets (among others). You can even customize your own! The pricing is right for the quality and any gentleman would be genuinely happy to receive a BroBasket this holiday season. 

Savoy EC31250 Coffee Maker – Make any man in your life happy (and alert), by gifting him with a 12-Cup coffee maker – but not simply any old coffee maker, but one that can be easily programmed to give him a jump start, and that contains a customizable heating option! Plus, with the Savoy, coffee strength can be adjusted to satisfy the most staunch coffee purist (AKA, lover of mud-consistency coffee). 

Dripo Ice-Drip Coffee Maker – For guys that require a caffeine boost on the go, might I suggest Dripo? I love the simplicity of the product (and the packaging even more). It comes in a what looks like a chilled, shelf-ready beverage carton (well done Dripo product design!). All it takes to treat oneself to an icy jolt of Java is a small sampling of coffee grounds, paper filter, ice and water. For $35 you can’t get a better stocking stuffer. 

T-fal Optigrill Plus – Simply because winter is upon us, does not mean Dad, Grandpa, brother, son must forsake an opportunity to grill! True, we live in an environment that practically allows 365-day opportunities to BBQ, however, sometimes the occasional monsoon or a lack of time prevent an outdoor grilling experience. May I introduce a perfect alternative? The OptiGrill Plus can cook anything from burger, sausage and fish to sandwich and wrap. Its built-in sensor makes it easier than ever for your favorite fellow to cook up dinner at optimum temps in no time. This gift will likely produce a smile on his grill. 

Clakit Strap Pack – If your hubby or pal routinely hikes South Mountain or Camelback, he’ll surely appreciate a Clakit Strap Pack. These patent-pending practical apparatuses are part of a larger utility product line that accommodates the adventure-seeking, hard-working, resourceful man in your life. The industrial strength Clackit Strap Pack can house cell phones, keys, cameras and other essentials and can easily be attached to a backpack, belt loop or pocket. 

All of these products make great gifts for guys.