5 most profitable crafts to sell as a business

Lifestyle | 18 Oct, 2019 |

The size of the creative industry in the United States jumped from $30.1 billion in 2011 to $44 billion in 2016.

So if you’re looking to make some extra capital, it’s clearly a good time to be a crafter.

But in terms of product, some crafts sell better than others.

So what are the most profitable crafts to sell?

1. Scarves

Who doesn’t need a scarf?

Whether it’s for warmth, a fashion statement, to hide wrinkles on the neck or all of the above, the scarf serves multiple purposes and reaches numerable demographics.

Plus, there are so many different kinds of scarves. From a blanket scarf to a necktie scarf to the incredibly versatile infinity scarf, the possibilities are endless.

A scarf can be knitted, crocheted, or crafted from all sorts of fabrics. From there, a craftsperson can add any number of embellishments like beads and embroidery to personalize it.

The key is to find a unique angle or style around which you can build your brand. Start by checking out your online competition, then determine what makes you different.

2. Enamel Pins

If you love to make small drawings and illustrations, have you considered making your creations into enamel pins?

Enamel pins are not only simple to ship, but are also really popular. And they continue to trend.

As a designer of enamel pins, you’ll need to get familiar with graphics software like Photoshop or Illustrator. And you’ll most likely have to work with a manufacturer.

But if you’re willing to think big, you could potentially see your artwork on backpacks, jackets, and other clothing items all across the globe. 

3. Tote Bags

As people have become more environmentally conscious, the popularity of tote bags has skyrocketed.

Similar to the enamel pins, tote bags are lightweight and easy to ship. But they’re a better alternative if you like to make bigger drawings or illustrations with more detail.

Another option to offer customized tote bags, using paint, embroidery, fabric markers, beads or whatever craft you fancy.

If you’re crafty on a sewing machine, you could even make your own bags.

4. Candles

When making candles, there are some safety precautions to consider because there’s an increased risk of injury or damage from fire.

You’ll need to get insured and use safety labeling. You can easily create candle labels online that include all the necessary information.

But if you’re okay with those extra safety measures, the candle business is a massive industry in the United States.

Similar to scarves in terms of versatility, there are numerous niches for candles. Whether you choose beeswax, eco-friendly, scented or religious, there is a wealth of information on the internet to get you started in the candle making business.

5. Phone Cases

Almost everybody has a phone. And keeping it protected is a top priority. So why not make it fashionable too?

Along with ease of shipping, phone cases are also relatively low in cost to produce.

And given all the different sizes and styles of phones, there are a ton of possibilities for phone case artwork. As with the enamel pins, you’ll probably need to work with a manufacturer.

But this will allow for creating a surplus inventory and the ability to offer your customers so many options.

Take Advantage of the Most Profitable Crafts to Sell

If you’re lucky enough to be involved in the above list of most profitable crafts to sell, you could start making money for your skills.

Who knows? Maybe you’re on your way to a new career!

Meanwhile, keep checking back with us for more inspirational lifestyle articles.

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