Apparently there is supposed to be a football game this Sunday to decide who is the best team this season, but in actuality the one of the main attractions next to the half-time show is the commercials. This year, there will be commercials ranging from the epic to the hilarious and movie trailers are no exception to that. Here are five movie trailers that will be shown the night of the big game that you should keep an eye out for.

  1. “Noah”

Starring Russell Crowe, Emma Watson and other big names, “Noah” brings the biblical tale of Noah and the Arc to the big screens in an epic fashion. The movie’s trailer, to be shown on Sunday, has already been released earlier this week. The movie shows the flood that was to end it all come down on the Earth as Noah and his family escape with two of each animal. This movie is gearing up for a truly epic spring when the flood comes to theaters near you.


  1. “Transformers: Age of Extinction”

The fourth installment to Michael Bay’s explosive robot series, “Transformers,” will be previewed this Sunday to millions. The new movie star’s Mark Wahlberg this time around and will bring all the famous ’80s robots back to the screen to bash it out and save the planet. Expect to be awed by Bay’s infamous explosions in between downs this Sunday during all the great commercials.

  1. “The Muppets Most Wanted”

Everyone’s favorite friends The Muppets are previewing their next adventure in a unique crossover ad with Toyota. The Muppets will be rocking out and romping around in the new Toyota Highlander during the second quarter commercials. So get excited as Kermit, and friends invade your screens just like they did back in the ‘70s.

  1. “Neighbors”

Be prepared to laugh at Seth Rogen’s expense in this trailer during the game. The movie is about a young couple with a newborn daughter living in the suburbs when a fraternity moves right next door. Hilarity ensues as the two factions go to war with each other in this comedy set for a May release.

  1. “Robocop”

The gruesome ’80s remake is getting screen time this year as it prepares for release next month. Watch Hollywood’s latest rendition of “Robocop” be previewed during the big game. This Robocop looks glitzy and new as the hero shoots bad guys and runs a muck in a scary looking future where crime is rampant and the need of robotic police is a must.