As America slowly opens back up, sports leagues are in the midst of finishing their revised playoffs while the NFL’s season begins on Sept. 10. And with the NFL season starting up is the fantasy football season. It’s the perfect time to network with your friends and compete against them to see who can build up the best team.

But what’s even better is that various sports bars and restaurants are opening up across the Valley and offering deals for fantasy football draft parties hosted at their locations. Here are five places across the Valley that are offering deals to host your fantasy football draft party.

All of these locations have also taken various precautions to make sure their locations are safe by having regular health checks for their staff, requiring social distancing and mask-wearing, regularly sanitizing areas, and more.

Twin Peaks Restaurant 

At Twin Peaks, Commissioners will receive a $50 gift card and each league member will get a $5 gift card to use at another visit. Groups will also receive a draft package that includes draft board, player stickers and premium table reservations.

Twin Peaks also has options if you want to stay at home with to-go specials with similar food and draft packages and the gift cards are still included. 

Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings is offering a deal with a draft board and stickers, coupons, and a “brag flag” to “visually enhance your alpha status.” They offer food deals along with the booking – 30 wings or 40 boneless wings for $30 or three large orders of wings and sides for $60. They have beer deals to go with the food as well. BWW also has take-out options for any type of party.

Casino Arizona

Casino Arizona is offering bookings with a private table with a large screen TV, draft board, player labels, a pizza and other food and drink specials, and even prizes for the winning team. They also include credit for the casino and an entry into to win a NBC sports radio trip.

Cold Beers and Cheeseburgers

Cold Beers and Cheeseburgers has opened up all of their Arizona locations and some (some are too small, so check with your local location) are open to hosting draft parties. They serve all kinds of American food and have dozens of adult beverages. With your reservation, the Commissioner and all of the participants get a gift card to use at their location another time.

Majerle’s Sports Grill

A gem tucked  into the heart of downtown Phoenix, Majerle’s Sports Grill is another great place to have your Fantasy Football Draft party. When booked here, your draft party can have its own private room with large screen TVs, free appetizers, and a free gift card to the commissioner.