Selecting which facial beds to purchase might be a difficult undertaking. There are countless possible styles. On this page, you’ll discover what to look for in a facial bed and how each bed operates.

People are visiting salons and treatment centers for facials in order to be pampered and rejuvenate. As a cosmetologist, providing efficient services must be your first goal. You could have the greatest materials and the most experienced hands, however, sans a professional and relaxing facial bed, you may be unable to provide your client with excellent results.

The purpose of this article is to assist you in selecting the best facial bed for your company and customer. Along with helping you in selecting the best type of facial bed that is ideal for your needs as well as the needs of your clients. And because of the wide array of facial beds that are available in the market, it is thus imperative that you take into account the elements when getting one.

Essential Elements When Buying Facial Beds

The greatest facial treatment beds must be adaptable to the client’s and esthetician’s demands. Numerous characteristics distinguish various forms of facial beds. The most critical factors to consider while purchasing a face bed are the following:

• You should always take your budget into account when purchasing facial beds

A high-quality face bed, on the other hand, is not cheap. A high-quality bed can cost up to $2,500, however, a good starting point is between $600 and $1,000. Investing in a high-quality face treatment bed is critical, as the beauty business is really about quality. There are less costly solutions available that provide excellent value but lack critical features, convenience, and sturdiness.

• Make sure that you also consider the amount of space that your clinic has

When purchasing a face bed, keep in mind the space of your treatment area. It would be to avoid purchasing a bed that is excessively large, thereby obstructing your ability to operate properly or the client’s ability to move freely.

• Check whether you want a portable or stationary facial bed

A portable facial bed is an excellent choice for on-site procedures, such as in customers’ homes, due to its portability. It is effective and easy, allowing you to work from just about any location. However, this is not something that would survive a decade or more. You’ll have to replace once every few years, which really isn’t terrible. A portable face bed should cost no more than $500. At the end of the day, if you’re using it for mobile treatments, you’re going to bash it around.

Because a stationary bed is not intended to be moved frequently, it is better equipped to incorporate comfort elements. It is somewhat large and hefty but has a plethora of amenities that will ensure your clients’ comfort and satisfaction. Additionally, it supports greater weight and lasts longer than portable facial beds.

• Check whether you want an electric or hydraulic facial bed

A hydraulic facial bed is adjustable in height and therefore is operated by a foot pedal. The hydraulic lift is used to modify the height solely, and some hydraulic face beds have a 360° revolving base, which aids estheticians in movement and reach.

With an electronic facial bed, an esthetician gains greater control over comfort, reach, and movement. It has an adjustable backrest and leg rest, increased cushion and comfort, a 2- to 4-motor engine, and remote control to help in providing all essential adjustments to the face bed.

• Check whether you want an adjustable or static facial bed

Adjustment is critical to meeting both your own and your client’s demands. Different adjustment locations are critical in a face bed. These factors include the angle of the head, the height, and the legs. These modifications enable the bed to accommodate both your clients’ and your own comfort demands. For instance, correcting for height is critical, as a face bed that is too high or too low will have an effect on your back and stance.

Different Kinds of Facial Beds That You May Want

• The PEDALI Exam Chair/Facial Chair Bed Table

The PEDALI is equipped with four motors that regulate the length, backrest, seat inclination, and footrest. The bed may be positioned at a 90° angle or flat, making it ideal for treatments. Reversible armrests and a headrest/footrest that may be stretched or detached. Additionally, the headrest features a detachable cushion that shows a face hole. The bed itself may be lowered to the ground and rotated 120 degrees with 60 degrees on every side. The footswitches cleverly integrated into the foundation of the exam chair provide total control of all operations with your feet, freeing up your hands. Take note that the PEDALI test chairs are among the best in the market.

• The KALUM MEDI Surgical Treatment Chair/Facial Bed

This chair has incorporated foot controls in the base, a detachable and changeable headrest with a face hole for prone posture treatments, 90-degree self-adjusting armrests, a foot extender, an one press re-set button to revert to sat mode, and a handheld remote. Additionally, the executive features four motors that regulate the executive’s height, back, legs, and orthostatic tilt for optimal comfort and positional flexibility. The Executive is both comfortable and solid, thanks to its strong sturdy base.

• The KARMEN Electric Facial Beds and Treatment Table

A luxurious, full-featured four-motor facial bed with reinforced cushioning. Another unique facial bed, the “Karmen” features a very sturdy base that has the shape of an X. This also comes along with increased stability, the innovative base design helps prevent foot interference when getting as near to the patient as feasible.

• The LUNA Electric Medical Spa Facial Bed

The LUNA 3 Motor Electrical Facial Treatment and Examination Chair is a multifunctional tool that may help your business save money as well as being highly simple to also use. Three motors regulate the height, backrest, and seat slope of the treatment chair, whilst the gas lift controls the leg rest. This therapy chair is also used as a seat or as a bed and the armrests are detachable.