When fall is in full swing, one of the first things that comes to mind is a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. This is especially true if you are used to playing the traditional host for your family during the holidays.

But a Thanksgiving dinner is way more than cooking turkey or putting together a few side dishes. In order for everything to go in line with the holiday, you need seasonal decor and the perfect ambiance.

It looks like a massive feat on the surface, but the task is not that difficult to pull off. To help you with the challenge, here are five simple Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas that turn your dinner into a celebration of fall, family, and togetherness.

1. Fall Flower Arrangements

Centerpieces are supposed to be breathtaking, but it doesn’t mean that they have to overpower your dinner table or hide your guests from view. This holds true regardless if you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner in a small space or seating everyone in a spacious outdoor area.

With this in mind, some Thanksgiving flowers can be the perfect centerpiece for almost every setting. With their rich colors, vibrant tones, and elaborate shapes, these arrangements can add a sense of fall character to any table. Since these flowers are easily available, they make for a fitting choice for almost every household.

2. Candles and Leaves

If you want to add a bit of light to the table, looking into some dining table candles can help. A mix of maroon, yellow, and orange candles can emulate the season’s palette. However, if your Thanksgiving arrangements are not going by a fall theme, you can also use some ivory or white candles.

In either case, you should accompany them with some leaves as the bedding or base of the candles. The leaves can also be lush green or a mix of fall colors. For added convenience, you can use an electric candle set to make sure that the flame doesn’t go out every now and then.

3. Seasonal Fruit Assortment

Thanksgiving dishes around the US can vary across regions, but the inclusion of fresh produce stands out as the common factor across all menus. If you have some seasonal fruit lying around the kitchen, you can very well use that as the centerpiece for your big family dinner.

You can also use a typical serving bowl for this purpose. However, if you are prudent about creative detailing, you might want to look into a leaf-style platter. In addition to bringing out the Thanksgiving tone, this ensures that you can appreciate the seasonal produce left, right, and center.

4. Explore Cornucopia Options

If you want a painless yet more traditional centerpiece, looking into a cornucopia basket might help. Similar to the suggestion above, you can fill the basket with seasonal fruits and leaves. This means that the basket doesn’t need anything special. However, the earthy aesthetic of its structure simply elevates the look of your table.

The cornucopia is so popular that it’ll even appear when you search how to order Thanksgiving dinner instead of cooking it. In such cases, it can tie your takeout food into a beautiful Thanksgiving theme. This makes sure that you can make the most out of the holiday without spending all day in the kitchen.

5. Use Different Pumpkins

Last, but definitely not least, the usage of different pumpkins can also add to the fall feel of your Thanksgiving table. Since you will be using these pumpkins at the table, you don’t have to go all out on finding extra-large sizes either. You just need to fetch a few small to medium pumpkins that you can place across the table.

In case you are going for a dramatic effect, you can carve out a pumpkin to make a vase out of it. Then, you can place flowers or fall leaves inside to create an easy yet standout centerpiece without much effort. This could earn you some brownie points in terms of creativity.

You can easily arrange a simple yet gorgeous centerpiece for your Thanksgiving dinner by keeping these tips in mind. This could improve everyone’s mood even before dinner starts and hopefully keep any fights over mashed potatoes at bay.