Having a backyard storage shed comes in handy for all of the items you need to store but don’t want to keep in your home.

Backyard storage sheds are great because they can double as a workshed and keep all of your DIY materials and projects in one place. While it’s important to keep your shed organized and clutter-free, it’s also easy to get into the habit of throwing things in the shed without taking the time to make sure everything is in its proper place. When this happens, eventually you’ll be dealing with a disorganized and cluttered space that’s filled with items you know are there but can’t seem to find.

If you are tired of stumbling over various equipment and tools and are ready for a more user-friendly space, here are storage shed organization ideas you can use to restore order and calm to your shed.

1. Use All of Your Space

Make use of all of the space in and outside of your shed. Use your verticle space, stackable elements, and you can even use an outdoor storage cabinet to add space to the exterior of your shed.

2. Use Wire Shelving

Wire shelving is best for a DIY storage shed because you can see where everything is and it’s easy to hang various items from the shelving system. Wire shelves are also more durable than wooden shelving.

3. Install a Slat Wall System

A slat wall system allows you to make use of all the wall space in your backyard storage shed and hang a variety of different items. They are also durable and can support heavy items like bicycles.

4. Use a Mobile Cart

One way to have cheap outdoor storage is to use a mobile cart. You can build one from repurposed materials or buy one to make things easier. A mobile cart is great because it can be moved from place to place, giving you more storage wherever you need it.

5. Organize With Stacked, Wooden Crates

There are many different ways to use your garden shed, one of which is creating stackable shelving units by stacking wooden crates. Small crates are best for this type of storage as they can hold all of the small objects that live in a DIY’ers shed. Get an even better result by stacking the wooden crates on open shelving units.

Use These Storage Shed Organization Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space

Taking some time to organize your shed is necessary and will help you be a better DIY’er in the future.

Making use of different storage options like wire shelving, old bookcases, wooden crates, slate wall systems, and various containers will make it easy for you to store all of your tools in an organized manner. Buying or building a workbench with extra storage and a pegboard back will give you a central organizational focus in your shed.

Whatever storage shed organization ideas you choose to use, you’ll end up with a space you love to work in.

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