Have you locked yourself out of your home? Now what?  It can pose a difficult situation, particularly if you have food in the oven, or pets or young children inside the house. Review a few of the options I have mentioned in this article to help you get back inside.

#1: Look for an Opened Window/Door

If you don’t have a spare key, look for unlocked windows or doors.  Although unlocked windows/back doors are an open invitation for intruders, they can also help you under bad situations. If you are stuck out of your home, there is no harm in checking all the entrance points. Perhaps, you overlooked locking a specific window or door.  If a ground floor window is open and it is wide enough for you to climb in, then you can potentially save yourself. You won’t have to wait for a family member to come home.

#2: Call Your Landlord

If you rent your home, you can seek help from your landlord.  Your landlord will have his own set of spare keys. If your landlord lives nearby, visit him or give him a call. Politely share your situation with him and request spare keys. If your landlord is friendly enough, he may drop by your place to let you in. After you have successfully entered your house, try to find your set of keys. Return your landlord’s keys and thank him for his kind gesture.

#3: Find a Local Locksmith

When no other option is working for you, seek expert support. Search online and find a locksmith  nearby to help you with your lockout situation. I agree you might have already heard this piece of advice, but it is actually time for you to call a local smith when you have entirely lost your house key. It’s easy for an experienced locksmith to prepare a duplicate key, change your main entrance knob, unlock the smart door lock, or change the existing lock. Remember to call a local locksmith as he will be able to reach out to you in less time. If you live in Texas, and you are looking for residential locksmith services, then check on nearby providers. Contact Texas Premier Locksmith for satisfactory services at a reasonable rate.

#4: Take off the Doorknob

If you are out of options, then you might be able to take off the doorknob. I understand it’s not one of the convenient and preferable solutions for some of the individuals, but it can potentially help you in an urgent situation. Carefully remove the doorknob without causing any damage to your main door exterior.  Ask for a screwdriver from your security guard or neighbor.  Check online as to what kind of screwdriver will work best to remove the doorknob. You will probably need both a flathead and Phillips screwdriver.

#5: Try DIY Tools

Lastly, search for YouTube tutorials to learn some DIY techniques to unlock your house door. If your front door doesn’t have much space, you can try a coat hanger. If you are wondering where to find a hanger, then check the back seat of your car or ask a neighbor for one. You can also improvise other tools and tricks. For instance, bobby pins or paper clips. Bend the metal piece into a perfect “L” shape, straighten the other part and bend into a small “W.”  Hold the first piece, and use the second piece in the lock. Push the pin inwards to unlock your door.