July 8, 2022

Eric Shepperd

5 tips for safety and comfort: Should you buy basketball shoes online?

Athletic shoes are a general term for various footwear, but the type of sport you play matters. For instance, you don’t want to buy cleats unless you’re outside on turf.

The same idea applies to what you wear when running down a court with a basketball. Slipping, sliding, or sticking can play serious havoc with your game, and the wrong shoes have been known to cause injuries.

Safety and comfort are essential, making it hard to buy shoes online without trying them on. Hard, but not impossible. With these five tips, you can narrow athletic shoes to those designed for basketball and learn how to shop online for your next kicks.

1. Get to Know the Way Shoes Are Categorized

Athletic shoes are divided into many categories. You want to look for those that are marketed particularly for basketball.

Shoes are made of an upper, midsole, and outsole section. You’ll see each of these advertised as the focal point of different varieties, and learning which one is best for your body helps you figure out which shoes to hone in on.

The key is avoiding shopping for shoes because of how they look. For instance, you might love the way high tops look, but they aren’t the best for your athletic goal or body.

2. Understand the Difference Between Upper, Midsole, and Outsole

Upper shoes are designed with the primary goal of protecting the top of your foot and your ankle. These are commonly referred to as high, low, or mid-tops.

High tops provide stability to the ankle and extra support to keep you from twisting or rolling the foot. Mid-tops provide some ankle support, but more flexibility than high tops offer. Low tops don’t have much ankle support, but they boost agility and speed.

Midsoles refer to the cushion of the shoe. These are typically made of foam, and the different types of foam are used to improve durability, reduce pressure on your feet, and offer other physical factors.

The outsole is, as it sounds, the bottom of the shoe on the outside of the sole. This is one of the most important parts if you’re looking for traction, like on a basketball court. Rubber and synthetic materials are used to make the outsole. Look at the grip on the bottom of the shoe to find the right basketball outsoles. Hexagon or herringbone patterns are the best for non-slip grip on the court.

3. Size Matters

Shoes that are too big can cause you to trip. Too small, and you’re pinching your toes and the rest of the foot.

When you buy your shoe, make sure it’s the right size. Check the comments online to see if the shoes run true-to-size, large, or small.

4. Consider Your Team Position

Do you have a spot you typically play more than another? If so, that position can point you in the right direction to the ideal shoes for your game.

For roles that do general movements, mid-top shoes are the best choice. These provide ankle support without sacrificing agility. Players that need to move fast at the last second should wear low-top shoes. Positions like forwards need a little extra weight to do their job, which is provided with high-tops.

5. Check the Reviews of the Seller

When you buy basketball shoes online, or anything else, it’s important to make sure you’re buying from a reputable seller. If you’re not familiar with the name, do a Google search to see what others have to say about the company. Never buy from a seller that doesn’t show up on a search engine query or has questionable legitimacy.