Alcoholism is one of the most common forms of addiction in the world. But that doesn’t make quitting any easier.

If you’re looking for tips to stop drinking, you’ve come to the right place. Make sure to keep reading as we walk you through five tips to help you stay sober and move toward a better lifestyle.

1. Talk With Your Doctor

So many guides on how to quit alcohol suggest quitting cold turkey. From a medical standpoint, this is terrible advice.

Quitting alcohol (or any substance you’re dependent on) overnight can cause major damage to your body.

While you’ll experience withdrawal symptoms regardless, medical supervision is recommended to minimize risks.

Schedule an appointment with your physician and explain that you want to figure out how to stay sober. Together, you can come up with a strategy to safely break your reliance on alcohol.

2. Replace Your Bad Habits

The thing about habits is, we don’t break them…we just replace them. Alcoholism is no different.

Keep your mind and body busy by finding new, healthy habits that better fit your sober lifestyle.

Exercise is a great example. Studies show that regular exercise can improve mental health and counteract some of the damage done by regular, heavy drinking.

One study even found that those who underwent just 10 minutes of moderate exercise saw a steep decline in the urge to drink.

Of course, exercise is only one idea. You can always go back to past healthy habits like reading, drawing, writing, or just spending time with friends. Anything that promotes health and positivity is a great replacement!

3. Enlist Your Social Circle

Speaking of spending time with friends, your lifestyle changes can be tough to manage on your own. Spending time with your friends and family is a fantastic reminder of why you’re staying sober.

Whenever you’re struggling, don’t be afraid to lean on your social circle. They love you and want you to succeed.

4. Listen to Success Stories

The initial steps of sobriety can seem like climbing Mt. Everest. To make matters easier, turn to those who have been where you are.

Success stories can inspire you to keep going, even when you feel like giving up and relapsing.

Whenever possible, get advice on how to stop drinking from those who understand firsthand how tough your journey ahead is. Their advice is often more practical, realistic, and helpful.

5. Take It One Day at a Time

You can’t climb Everest in a single day. So why would you expect to stop drinking instantly?

Throughout your journey, you’ll face some serious challenges, with temptation lurking around every corner.

Take a deep breath and remember that you can do this. Every day you stay sober is an accomplishment.

Stay Sober With These Tips to Stop Drinking

Maintaining sobriety is a full-time job. But with these tips to stop drinking, you have everything you need to start your path to a healthier life.

Consider scheduling an appointment with a doctor or addiction specialist soon so you can see the benefits of healthy living firsthand.

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