While many activities remain closed due to COVID-19 and with the state’s temperatures hitting triple digits, here are five fun and unique activities you can experience from your car that are convenient, safe and exciting for the whole family!

Cruise the Phoenix Zoo

Who doesn’t love the zoo? Especially from the safety, comfort and cool air conditioning from your own vehicle. This amazing, unique experience allows you and your family to see the Zoo like never before. It allows guests to view a variety of Zoo animals such as flamingos, giraffes, elephants and more while maintaining safe social distancing measures.


• Aug. 6 – Monday, Aug. 10 (August 8 is sold out); Sept. 4-Sept. 7; Sept. 11-Sept. 13; Sept. 25-Sept. 27

• Tickets (including food, beverage, souvenir gifts and photo options) must be pre-purchased online. There will be a limit of 450 tickets sold per day. 

• Once a limit is reached on a particular day, interested guests must select another day. Tickets can be used anytime beginning at 7 a.m., but the last vehicle must be in line at 11 a.m.

You can purchase tickets here: Phoenix Zoo Drive-thru tickets. More information here: Cruise the Zoo.

Car Camping

During COVID-19, it goes without saying, we all got pretty creative when it came to different ways of staying busy and entertaining ourselves. One new fad that gained popularity  was the idea or “Car Camping” and it is exactly how it sounds- camping from your car.

Many family vacations, possibly even your own, have been postponed or canceled altogether. If you’re feeling stuck inside your home and want the great outdoor experience, bring it home. Turn your minivan, truck, or SUV into your own campground.

Lay seats down in the rear area of the car and spread sleeping bags out for sleeping.

Bring out flashlights and open the back of your minivan or SUV or put the tailgate down on your truck to sit, chat, and tell stories around the campfire. No campfire? No problem. Wheel your grill out near the car and roast hot dogs and marshmallows over the open flames, and enjoy a nice, quiet night under the stars with your friends and family.

Car Parade

Another new fun development that became instantly popular during quarantine with school graduations and birthdays was the idea of “Car Parades” which  many people have either heard of or been a part of.

The beauty of this idea is even through COVID-19 and quarantine, important things that happened including birthdays, graduations and anniversaries, were celebrated with family and friends during difficult times.

Be sure to embarrass your loved one as well by including noise-makers for the event to create some excitement and interest such as bells, whistles, banging on pots and pans, a bull horn, air horns, and of course, honk the horn in your car.There’s no limit to how fun and creative you can get with your parade.

They say, “necessity is the mother of invention,” and you can invent your own way of having fun and making memories during this unusual time. Make the most out of today–the happy moments you make now, make fond memories later (and fun pictures too!)

West Wind Drive-in Movie Theater

An old past-time and a true, American phenomenon is a classic, drive-in movie theater, and we have one right here in Glendale, Arizona. West Wind Drive-in has been around since 1952 and continues to modernize their classic delights.

Their featured films and times change quite frequently, so check  their showtimes and different feature presentations here, West Wind Glendale Drive-in.

Information: general admission is $7.75; ids admission (5-11 years old) is $1.75 kids 4 years of age and under are free.

Tuesday is “Family Fun Night” where tickets are $5.50 per person and $1.75 for children, and of course, 4 years of age and under are free. So, load up your vehicle with your family, friends and some blankets, as well as an empty stomach to enjoy getting snacks at the West Wind Snack Bar, cuddle up in the comfort and safety of your vehicle, and enjoy the movie.


Most vehicles can drive through Bearizona’s well-maintained gravel roads. Each vehicle must be completely enclosed and have operational windows. Guests arriving by motorcycle or bicycle can take the Wild Ride Bus Tour that departs from Fort Bearizona multiple times throughout the day.

Drive three miles through untamed Arizona wilderness witnessing North American Wildlife in natural environments and view animals ranging from rugged mountain goats and stealthy wolves to majestic bison and comical black bears – all from the comfort of your own private vehicle.