Named after the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, aphrodisiac dishes are here to set the mood for you and your loved one this Valentine’s Day. Below are a roundup of some of the best dishes in Metro Phoenix that feature  aphrodisiac ingredients!

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Linguini with Clam Sauce | Tomaso’s

Tomaso’s Linguine with Clam Sauce contains one very important aphrodisiac– garlic. Now I know what you’re thinking… garlic? The smell alone is a mood killer. High in an ingredient called allicin, garlic can help stimulate circulation and blood flow to organs and kickstart libido. Tomaso’s seductive Linguini with Clam Sauce ($26) dish contains the perfect balance of flavors with garden-fresh chopped tomato, roasted garlic, white wine and parsley. Feast on this aphrodisiac dish this Valentine’s Day… maybe just bring some spearmint gum!

Jamón Iberico Confit Oyster | Tarbell’s

Perhaps the most well-known aphrodisiac, oysters have been said to contain stimulating properties for hundreds of years. In this Tarbell’s dish, Jamón Iberico ham is slow cooked to bring out the savory, fresh flavors of the Spanish ham in a concentrated clear soup. The fresh oysters highlighted in this dish soak up this flavor and are complemented with the complex flavors of ossetra caviar, creme fraiche, fresh chives and Maldon sea salt combined in this dish.

Information: 3213 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix; (602) 955-8100;

Daughter’s Nutella Pizza | The Italian Daughter

It’s no secret that chocolate and fresh fruit, primarily strawberries, is a seductive pairing. The Italian Daughter’s nutella pizza ($15) is a richly satisfying dish with an allure of flavor featuring chocolate and strawberries– both popular aphrodisiacs. Once the chocolate dough is fired in the pizza oven, it is placed on a charcuterie board and generously glazed with Nutella. Dollops of ricotta and whipped cream are placed on the bed of Nutella along with garden-fresh strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and mint. Before it is served, the dessert pizza is lightly dusted with powdered sugar.

Information: 23655 N. Scottsdale Road, Suite #120; Scottsdale; (480) 404-6085;

Le Bowl.

Le Bowl | Zinqué

Arugula, known to aid in arousal, block harmful contaminants and boost testosterone, is another common aphrodisiac along with avocado, which is said to boost vitality. Romantic French hot spot, Zinqué, offers a delicious dish that combines both avocado and arugula. A hybrid of a salad and wholesome bowl, Zinqué’s Le Bowl ($17) contains a mixture of arugula, avocado, brown rice, tomato, Comté cheese imported from France, cilantro and Sriracha hot sauce. Chicken or frittata can be added to Le Bowl for protein and brown rice can be substituted by low-carb cauliflower rice as well. Experience this unlikely aphrodisiac dish in the idyllic atmosphere inspired by the city of love at Zinqué!

Information: 4712 N. Goldwater Blvd. Suite 110, Scottsdale; 623-745-9616;

Banana Fosters Pancakes | Hash Kitchen

Wake up to this delicious dish with three leading aphrodisiacs– bananas, whipped cream and cinnamon. This dish takes banana pancakes to another level! Buttermilk pancakes are topped with caramelized bananas, candied pecans and cinnamon whipped cream to create this widely shockingly aphrodisiac-forward dish. Kick start your day the right way with Hash Kitchen’s Banana Fosters Pancakes ($12)!