Stress and anxiety can cause a mental disorder making one not remember anything. It can cause hyperventilation and worsen the entire negative situation. Solving such a problem can be easy by mastering some simple breathing techniques. Taking control of your breathing makes you find it easy to control things like anxiety and stress. According to science, breathing exercise has a way of reacting with the body immediately. Breathing exercise has many benefits, such as preventing heart diseases, reducing muscle tension, and lowering blood pressure levels. Consumption of less oxygen can also be a result of breathing exercises. So, here are some ways to breathe you to calm:

Understanding about Deeper and Better Breath

Before getting to the exercise, ensure mastering the right way of breathing. People who are stressed and passing through anxiety might adopt the wrong breathing technic. Most of them allow less air into the upper lungs and take most of them to the lower lungs. Doing this correctly will lift your lungs to push the diaphragm that will expand the stomach outwards.

Learn Different Techniques

After understanding the above basics, identify different techniques that will help you in the process. You will see different calm breathing practices, and it is always advised that you try all of them.

1. Try 4-7-8 Breathing Practice

This is the first way you need to have in mind. This type of exercise is also known as relaxing breathing. It involves a four-second of breathing, seven seconds of holding your breath, and eight seconds of exhaling. It is required to find a better place where you can sit before considering this technique. The tip of the tongue should touch the top of the mouth that is behind the incisors. Ensure being in this position till the end of the practice.

2. Roll Breathing Technique

Roll breathing practice is good for tapping into the breathing’s rhythm. However, this is the type of breathing practice that can be done in any position. If you need to familiarize yourself with the practice, it is advisable to sleep on your back. In this process, the left hand should be on the belly and the other on the chest. Always pay attention to the movement of your hand as you breathe.

3. Alternate Nostril Technique

If you have been in a yoga class, then you can be familiar with this one. It is essential to provide balance and calmness. All you need is to position yourself in an excellent meditative pose. It is effective when you hold the right thumb above the right nostril as you breathe deeply with the left nostril.

4. Relaxation Technique

This is the best practice for people recovering from heart disease. It is also an easy way of protecting yourself from certain heart diseases. When practicing this technique will help in the management of stress and anxiety. This is the only way to support your recovery. Poor breathing can cause cardiac disease, which predominantly affects the heart.

5. Diaphragmatic Technique

Note that the belly is essential when it comes to using your diaphragm correctly. Such practice is always done when you are so relaxed. You should take five to ten minutes doing the exercise almost four times a day. Tiredness is the first experience you might feel when you are getting started but feel at ease with time.


Note that breathing is one miraculous practice that can clear someone’s mind. It acts as a reset button that can return a human body to default. During the technique practice, it is vital to concentrate mainly on the breathing part. At this time, it is not advised that you have negative thoughts about the practice fill your mind. After benefiting from the techniques, you can start solving other problems you might have. Prevent yourself from heart diseases by practicing the above breathing techniques or exercises.