When the season changes and the weather warms, it’s a great time to look at your spaces and refresh them. Not just spring cleaning, but make simple updates, add a new design element or organizational item that will help declutter. Below are five ways to freshen your space for spring.

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Take inventory of the large and small spaces – both living and bedrooms, entryways and reading nooks and evaluate what you treasure and what you can toss going into the next season. Empty space is not wasted space. It allows us room to not only breathe but appreciate the elements that remain. So take a few breaths, put on your favorite playlist, and get decluttering. 

Revamp and Organize the Entryway

The entryway is generally the first point of contact each time we walk into our home. It can play a huge factor in our mood once we’ve walked through those doors. Having an organized, beautiful entryway can allow us a sense of relief and relaxation. A few tips for creating an entryway that sets the tone include appealing storage items like baskets, interesting hooks and creative closed tins. Remember these things should also be functional and beautiful to you.

Swap your Throw Pillows

This is by far one of the simplest ways to refresh a space. I do this for all four seasons (five if you count Christmas!). Consider adding a subtle (or not!) pop of color. Of course, the colors selected will be different for everyone depending on your existing theme and preference but moving toward a brighter, lighter palette feels really fresh and aligned with Spring.

Change your Light Bulbs

You may be surprised to learn there are many different types of light bulbs to choose from and they all create a different type of light. Some bulbs have a bluer or more yellow tone, some give off a bold bright light where some offer a natural light with less intensity. Changing a bulb, depending on the space can change the mood to make it softer or more dramatic and truly affect the space.

Add Plants and Greenery

Who says they have to be real? Faux or living, opt for whichever suits you. Plants are a great way to make a space feel welcoming and ‘spring cozy’. Have fun with it!

Whether its large or small changes you want to make to your space working with an interior designer can provide guidance, expertise and insight that you may not have.

Author: Kirsten Holmstedt is owner of Treasure in the Detail design firm.