You can often see people giving flowers when you are at the workplace, walking on the street, in the restaurant, etc. Usually, the person that receives the flowers is someone who is close. Every year, you get many chances to give flowers. It all depends on whether you celebrate the special occasion. The following are the 6 best occasions to give flowers.

1. Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular seasons to give flowers to your loved ones. During this season, the florist gets a lot of flower delivery orders. Valentine’s Day is not just the occasion for lovers to show appreciation with flower gifting. On this occasion, you can also give flowers to your best friend or someone to whom you would like to show love. Red and pink roses bouquets are most commonly sent on this occasion. Other popular Valentine’s flowers include tulips, pink lily, and alstroemeria.

2. Dates

Flowers are also often purchased for impressing a date. Different types of flowers can send different messages to your date so you should choose wisely. Giving your date a bunch of gerbera daisies will make her smile. You can give sunflowers a bouquet as a way of saying thank you to your date. Peonies symbolize romantic love and bashfulness so they make great flowers for first dates. Alternatively, you can give tulips to your first date which signify that you want to start a relationship with her.

3. Birthday

You can surprise a friend on his/her birthday with flowers and a flower delivery. Birthday is a more appropriate occasion for sending flowers to female friends. On other occasions, giving flowers to a female friend can be easily mistaken as inappropriate. If it is your girlfriend’s birthday, you can include a stuffed bear or chocolates or a bottle of champagne along with the bouquet. For your mother’s birthday, you can give lilies or orchids as a gift. If it is a friend’s birthday, a bouquet of multicolored gerbera flowers will be appropriate.

4. Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is another popular occasion for mothers around the world to receive flowers. It is hard to repay the years of love your mother has shown you by raising you. What you can do is to give her a bunch of flowers to show that you respect and appreciate her. Classic carnations that are bright with soft shades are the best flower arrangement for Mother’s Day. White orchid is the second-best flower to give on this occasion because they can last for a long time just like mum’s smile. Irises also make a great choice because they are eye-catching and can cheer up the atmosphere of a room. Pink lilies smell great and can be the favorite flowers to give on Mother’s Day.

5. Anniversary

On an anniversary, couples can give flowers to commemorate the day they get married. You should give different flowers for different types of anniversaries. Carnations that symbolize strength and affection are the best flowers for the first anniversary. Daisies symbolize fidelity and are suitable for 5th-anniversary flowers. Daffodils symbolize new beginnings and are the best flowers for the 10th anniversary. If you are celebrating your 15th anniversary, you can give your significant other a bunch of roses.

6. Teacher’s Day

On Teacher’s Day, you can send a bouquet as a way of respecting and appreciating the contribution of your teacher. It is appropriate for both students and the parents to send flowers to teachers on Teacher’s Day. Teachers have an important role in the development of the child’s personality. They not only teach the children school lessons but also frequently give life lessons to the students in the classroom.