November 20, 2022

John Foster

6 delicious foods your dog will love

Have you ever come across a clip from the show ‘Supernatural’ where the main character, ‘Dean’ can communicate with dogs? He even starts showing characteristics similar to his furry friend. No? If you are a dog lover, you should. It is a fun episode, and dog lovers will relate to it thoroughly. Talking about dogs, do you find your dog tailing you every time you eat a piece of chocolate or chicken? You do. Right? Well, dogs, just like humans, love having delicious treats, but not everything is good for them. For example, you cannot feed dogs cake or pastries as it spikes their blood sugar levels and leads to other problems.

However, you can feed them a few delicious food items, like the ones listed below.


Even you cannot say no to pasta, so how can your dog? Pasta contains simple ingredients, like water, flour, and eggs, which are all edible food items for dogs. Thus, the next time you boil penne or spaghetti, boil extra for your dog.

You can add a bit of egg or chicken pieces to make it high in protein. However, remember that pasta is high in carbs, and dogs should eat them in moderation. Also, if the dog has a gluten or wheat allergy, you may have to get creative with your pasta choices.

Quick vegetable-rich turkey

While you are waiting for the delivery of dog food from your store, make this delicious treat for your pet. It’s a quick fix full of vegetables, which your dog will love and lick off the bowl. It’s simple to make, and you will need the following:

• Brown rice, 1/2 cup

• Olive oil: 1 tablespoon

• Ground turkey, 3 pounds

• Carrots: 2 (shredded)

• Zucchini-1 (shredded)

• Peas: ½ cup

To make

• Add 3 cups of water to a large saucepan. Cook the rice in it and set it aside to cool.

• Add olive oil to a stockpot over medium heat, then add ground turkey and cook until it changes color to brown. Crumble it while cooking.

• Now add carrots, peas, zucchini, and brown rice. Cook until the spinach wilts.

• Cool it down and give it to your pets. It’s a balanced meal and a delicious treat for them.

Spinach omelet

Ask your friends if they ever feed their dog omelets,; the answer will be yes because dogs love eggs. So, next time when you buy dog food NZ, make sure you also buy lots of spinach to make them an omelet using this leafy vegetable. When you add spinach to the mix, it tastes incredible, and its nutritional value increases too. Spinach contains vitamins K and A, which benefit their skin, weight management, and fiber.

Add cut spinach to the pan when you spread the omelet mix, let it cook through, add a bit of salt, and feed your dog. They will demand this decadent dish more, undoubtedly.

Chicken broth

You love your chicken broth, right? It’s filling, light, and packed with nutrients. Yet, you don’t feed it to your dog? Well, you can, as this low-sodium dish is a perfect addition to your dog’s regular diet. You can freeze it and give it as a treat.

The broth has minerals and glycine, which can help detox the liver as well. It’s best to give dogs homemade chicken broth. However, you can buy one from the market, but ensure it has low sodium and preservatives.


When it’s hot in the summer, dogs can have pomegranate juice or eat it whole, as it is full of vitamin C and antioxidants. Feeding your dog this delicious juice helps keep heart diseases away from dogs as it is high in tannins and punicalagin.

Always peel the skin before feeding them pomegranate, as the skins are not digestible. Also, feed them half the fruit once a week.

A fruit salad

A fruit salad is high in nutrition and a perfect dessert for dogs. Include blueberries, melons, and cantaloupe in their fruit salad. Don’t add grapes to the mix, as they cause kidney failure in dogs.

Adding cottage cheese on top is another way to add protein to their diet. Because it is high in sugar, give it to dogs on rare occasions.

All these delicious foods for dogs are easy to make at home and require minimum ingredients. So, make one and treat your dogs occasionally.