When it comes to planning a baby shower, you’re going to making the arrival of your loved one’s child even more special. However, if you don’t consider the points we discussed, the party may not be that great. Read ahead.

Not Having a Seating Chart

Ensure that you know where to seat everyone. A lot of baby showers just seat guests randomly. This results in certain family members being isolated from others. This could lead to awkward conversations, but more importantly, guests mad at you. When planning a seating chart, remember to take your time on it.

When planning the arrangement, also ensure that the mom-to-be is located somewhere that gives everyone easy access to her. After all, she is the guest of honour. This could be at the head of a table.

Not Having a Baby Registry Ready In-time

Make sure that the mommy-to-be has her baby registry ready when you’re about to send the invitations out. This would give guests ample time to pick the items up for her.

Creating the lists early also lets her find the best gifts to include. She’d be able to include some of the best baby cribs instead of ones just off Amazon. They’d be made from the best materials, so they’ll last the longest.

Inviting Too Many People

Unfortunately, you may have sent out invitations to too many people. When planning the party, you need to consider how well your loved one knows who you’re inviting. Not only could things get awkward, but you may go over-budget.

Not Having Appropriate Food

Baby showers are supposed to festive, light occasions. That’s why they’re usually during brunch. The food that needs to be present should be light, and possibly high-tea focused. More importantly, make sure everyone’s preferences are covered. Just because you got light, delicious morsels it does not mean your guests would eat them. That’s why RSVPing their invitations is important.

Can She Eat It?

While on the topic of food, there are certain dishes pregnant women can’t eat. And even if they can eat them, your guest-of-honor may be having an adverse reaction to them. Make note of this before you get the catering ready.

Not Creating Enough Space for Gifts

Yes, people would get her what was on her list. However, they’d get arrive with a load of other gifts too. You might not anticipate how much space all of it would take. If you have a table for gifts, ensure that it’s a size or two bigger than originally planned.

Speaking of tables, you’ll need one to place the cake and food too. We recommend going big with it as once the cake and food are together, you might realize that there’s not enough space. This isn’t great for a party – things will get messy.

Final Thoughts

When planning a baby shower, there are so many things to keep in mind. The occasion is supposed to fun and festive, celebrating the arrival of your loved one’s child. If you don’t consider these points, the party may not be a miss. Most importantly, ensure the mommy-to-be likes who you’re inviting. Also ensure that the food you’re getting is appropriate for her to eat, and for your guests. Of course, she needs to have created her baby registry on time. How else would guests know what to get her?