Just like other engine-powered motors, cars are also prone to problems. Most of the time, these problems often have odd signs that might affect their overall performance on the road. This matter is highly critical and must be taken seriously because it might cause accidents if not appropriately diagnosed and fixed earlier.

Symptoms or signs will appear when weird things are happening in your car, which means potential problems emerge. Although, these signs are quite noticeable through the senses: seeing, hearing, smelling, and feeling. Throughout this article, you will be aware of these common warning signs that you may encounter, telling that something’s wrong with your car.

Visual Alerts You Might See

Signal Lights Blinking Too Fast

Why Is My Turn Signal Blinking Fast? This is primarily due to a burnt light bulb. Rapid blinking of turn signals causes the flashers to blink quickly since turn signals often work in pairs. When a light bulb gets burned, there’s an uneven flow of electricity which causes the lights to blink rapidly.

Other reasons for rapid blinking signal lights include open and short circuits on wirings, replacing the damaged light bulb with a new one but has incompatible wattage, using universal flasher relays or unmatched relays to the vehicle, and improper placement and defects on relays.

Smoke Colorization

The continuous blowing of black smoke signifies that your car’s air filter is clogged up, resulting in unsatisfactory health of your engine. Other causes are engine deposits and defective fuel injectors, sensors, valves, and piston rings.

Emission of white smoke means that there is a condensation problem and a malfunctioning engine coolant; specifically a leaking coolant and a damaged fuel pumping injection. This condition causes the water condensation to mix with the fuel supply.

When you see blue smoke coming out, there’s probably an oil leakage from the engine to the combustion chamber, leading the oil to burn up with the regular fuel. This sign has other several causes including excessive or low oil in the engine, overheating, and damaged valve seals.

Quirky Sounds You Might Hear


A squealing sound in your car can be caused by several reasons, depending on the situation. It might squeal because of the belt when accelerating or decelerating. It can also be the alternator pulley’s fault. Flaws on the steering when taking turns is also possible. Whichever the cause is, you have to get rid of this disturbing noise and get your car fixed immediately.

Ticking Noise

This strange, weird, and unusual ticking sound might be normal for some car models. However, if the sound is getting loud and noticeable already, have your car check. A ticking noise might indicate that your car’s oil levels are low, unbalanced oil pressure in the valvetrain, loose spark plugs, rod knocking, flawed engine accessories, or some mechanical issues.

Odd Odors You Might Smell

Sweet Scent

Although this problem might be overwhelming due to the fragrance, this sweet scent is deceptive. When you smell something either like a syrup, sugar, or butterscotch aroma after starting your car, this indicates that there is coolant or antifreeze leakage. This can lead to overheating, resulting in engine failure.

Don’t be tempted to smell this scent even more, because it is toxic and can be fatal in high doses! This is dangerous to everyone in the car, including your pets. Get everyone out once this happens and call a professional to help you deal with the coolant.

Weird Feelings You Might Feel

Spongy Brakes/Pedals

Spongy pedals are caused by air presence in the brake lines. But it can also because of damaged and rusty brake lines coming from road specks of dust and moisture, failing disc brake calipers, low brake fluid, or damaged cylinder wheels. Get this treated right away.

Stiff Steering Wheel

Low maintenance and late servicing of your car is the main reason why you have a stiff steering wheel, which makes your turns so hard to do. It can result in numerous risky outcomes that can put your life closer to death if not immediately apply solutions to it.

Common causes of this problem are unstable tire pressure including deflated tires, lousy steering rack, faulty serpentine belt, leaks of fluids in the steering system, pump glitch, and fluids which come from collected dust and debris.


Driving a car is a privilege. Part of that privilege means that you need to drive safely and do proper maintenance on your car. Doing maintenance on your car ensures that you, your passengers, and others around you are safe. Problems such as a sweet smell in your car might not seem a problem, however, it can be a sign that coolant is leaking out.

Other signs such as having problems with turning and steering may mean that your car’s lack air, are not properly aligned, or can have something to do with other problems. Not only are you making it safe for everyone else, but proper maintenance also helps you save a lot on repairs and parts replacements.