When it comes to home security, it’s easy to remain comfortable with a traditional lock and key system that you’ve used every day throughout life.

But what if you decided to opt for a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-enabled device that allowed you to open your front door with the tap of a finger or simple voice command? Would you take the plunge and replace your current lock with a digital smart lock solution that provides better security and convenience?

To be thoroughly convinced, here are six reasons why you may want to invest in smart locks for your home.

1. Smart Locks Can Lock Themselves When You Forget

Imagine you’re heading out of town to go on vacation. You just drove onto the turnpike, but a thought occurred to you: “Did I lock the door when I left?” With a key and lock system, this thought would be nagging you until you turned around to go back home to check.

However, by investing in a smart lock, you can quickly pull up an app on your device to effortlessly lock your front door with the touch of a button. Best of all? You can keep driving to your destination without having to pull over. In addition, some smart locks automatically lock behind you after so many seconds or minutes have passed.

2. Smart Locks Eliminate Worries About Lost, Stolen, or Copied Keys

Suppose you’ve had to make multiple copies of keys to allow family members or friends access to your home. In that case, a security issue can arise if one of those copies is lost, stolen, or in the wrong hands. However, keeping track of keys is unnecessary if you replace your present key and lock system with a smart lock without a keyway.

3. Smart Locks without a Keyway are Impossible to Pick

Even if someone doesn’t have a copy of your key, they can still attempt to pick your key and lock system and be successful at it. However, smart locks without a keyway eliminate the worry of a burglar picking your lock.

4. Smart Locks Open Doors When Your Arms are Full

Approaching your front door with an armful of groceries makes it impossible to pat your pockets or dig through your purse to find your key and insert it into the lock. Instead, you either have to put down the groceries or bundle your groceries in one arm to free up a hand. With a smart lock, you can open the door with just a touch of a finger.

5. Smart Locks Make it Impossible to Lock Yourself Out

With a smart lock, if you step outside and hear the door lock from behind you, this doesn’t mean you cannot quickly get back in the house. Instead, use your smartwatch app or digital keypad to re-enter your home.

6. Smart Locks Provide Easy Access for Guests or Service Providers

With smart locks, you can give keypad codes to people who need access to your home. At the same time, you can change out the codes if someone no longer needs access and doesn’t need to know the code. This smart lock feature eliminates the need to dispense, keep track, and collect keys.

Investing in Smart Locks Heightens Security and Convenience

Thinking about replacing your traditional key and lock system with a smart lock? Before investing in any piece of smart-home technology, you’ll want to consider your specific needs. However, know this technology, with its built-in protections and PIN requirements, can provide greater peace of mind to you and your family due to its level of convenience and heightened security.