In this modern era, people put value in the beauty of fashionable styling. It is evident in their accessories like watches. They become conscious not only of time but how it will blend well with their stylish statement. Thus people tend to find timepieces that can upgrade the style and, in turn, make them stand out.

Michael Kors continues to claim its spot as one of the acclaimed brands producing timepieces that entice versatility. Their watches get crafted to cater to luxury and casual wear. The designs and style vary from lavish to minimalist combined with modern features that will make all kinds of styles outstanding.

MK5720 Crystal Paved Dial

This Michael Kors Watch is a big hit to ladies who adore the style of luxury. First, the dial gets the luxurious touch of gold and crystal. Then this fabulous watch has geometrics indexes that are beautiful to see. Finally, the hand markers get designed in gold that puts a grand impression on the beauty of elegance.

A must-have for any wearer is a watch with stainless steel material. This timepiece embodies the regality of steel from the case and its bracelet. The case’s perfectly round shape stands firm in solid size of 43 mm. Plus, the features are the best take away like a quartz movement and 50 m water resistance.

MK6247 Sable Dial Oversized Chronograph

These oversized type and chronograph watches are one of a kind. It is big enough in 43 mm size to call it solid and sturdy. This watch is any wearer’s choice who intends to make a difference. It has a case that takes pride in its scratch-resistant mineral, on top of a dynamic round shape that glows in stainless steel.

The functionality and beauty of this watch give a commendable output. It has a quartz movement that provides time efficiency, and the steel band offers dependability. Then the case elegantly unique in Sable color.  It gives perfect time tracking in gold hand markers and Roman numerals indexes.

MK5879 Black Ion-plated Rose Dial

A black Ion-plated watch appeals to the interest of women. This different twist to the classy black color makes an attraction turn on. Then its rose-red dial gives this timepiece the intricacy. It will be a worthy buy for a lady who wants something new. Plus, the indexes that glide to chronograph features add superiority.

This timepiece is not just stylish but puts functionality at its best. It has a scratch-resistant case that matches well its stainless steel sophistication. The 50 m water-resistant feature is a guarantee of safety. Then the steel grip of its bracelet sustains the fast-paced lifestyle.

MK6483 Silver Dial

The radiance of silver to this timepiece entices the simplistic vision of elegance. Its subtle beauty is seen from its dial down to the hand markers. Then with indexes that finely put the finishing touches. Finally, the gentle quartz movement of this watch is made visible and beautiful through its crystal mineral case.

Like a work of art, the design of this watch is a must-see. It radiates loveliness in the 33 mm round case. The stainless steel bracelet is superb in many ways. Then it comes with 100 m water-resistant that stands truest to safety. Indeed a timepiece of style and brilliance.

MK2278 Pink Leather Silver Dial

This watch will suffice the need to be extra special. It has the vibrance of a pink leather bracelet that can turn heads. The dial has an exciting design of mixed indexes and a silver outline. It comes with a stainless steel case stunning in diamonds to its outer rim. A play of luxury that is something beyond beautiful.

The unique works of its features indulge enthusiasts in seeing this watch. First, this 39 mm fits the wearer the comfort it deserves. Then the round shape case intends to make time viewing easy. Finally, the quartz movement moves flawlessly.

MK8296 Stainless Steel Grey Dial

Any man will make a beautiful first impression as this watch has all the manly qualities that shine. The grayish dial is a game changer to minimalism and class. It has stick indexes that revive simplicity. But the hand markers in luminous effect make this timepiece something else.

Trust that this watch can deliver superior features. The rubber band puts safety and guarantees water resilience up to 100 m. In addition, the case marks durability in 48 mm size and round shape.


The Michael Kors brand offers collections that give versatility. Its flexibility guarantees to cater to the different styling of casual, minimalism, and luxury. The designs stand in a variety of elegance, and the features dependable. So let these timepieces mark the change and upgrade your beautiful, stylish version.