Dubai has changed a lot in these past couples of years and has become a well-reputed tourist destination in the world. Travelers from all over the world come and visit Dubai because of its captivating architecture, the world’s best shopping malls, beaches, museums, riveting nightlife, tall buildings, and towers. If you are reading this blog, you must be visiting Dubai sooner or later. Well, hire your favorite automobile from any Car Rental Dubai company and pre-plan your trip.

Dubai shocks the world with new projects every year and with so many options it is quite challenging to decide the top places to visit. There are a lot of options for newly married couples, travelers, or for family trips. You just have to choose the specific places and it depends on your traveling group or your partner. Here we have picked up the most stunning and amazing places to visit in Dubai whether you are with friends or a family

Here is the list of seven amazing places to visit in Dubai in 2020.

Museum of Illusion

If you are looking for something different and entertaining at the same time, you should visit the Museum of Illusion in Dubai. The illusions of this museum are mind-boggling and they will leave you in awe. It is quite a small place but with many mind puzzles and illusions. It is the most recommended place for a family trip because your kids are going to love it. It has illusions like head on a plate while your body disappears, chair illusion, split nose, vortex tunnel illusion, games room, infinity room, and much more.

Safari Desert

You should not skip the Safari Desert if you are in Dubai for the first time. You can spend half of your day here or night for an enchanting experience on the chilly sand. In the safari desert, you can explore camel rides, falcon shows, BBQ dinner, campfire, and much more. Also, they organize specific safari trips at sunrise or sunset, midday trips, or late-night camps or trips. Hire an SUV car to drive easily in the desert area. Moreover, you can reserve your trip by any tourism company in Dubai.

Enjoy X-line in Marina Mall

You can entertain yourself by visiting the X-line that is located in the Marina Mall. It has the world’s longest zip line with a total length of 170 meters. Take transport to the residential building. After that, you can take the lift. The tower height is almost 170 meters with 50 floors. The crew is very professional so you can start easily. You can wait in the launch area until they check your kit. The cable descent speed is almost 80 km per hour and you can enjoy this amazing experience in just 60 AED. We recommend you to reserve it before your trip day. The best thing is that they film your video and send it to your email.

Underwater zoo and Dubai aquarium

The aquarium of Dubai is the home of almost 33,000 marine animals in 10 trillion water liters. This place is quite incredible for you if you are an animal lover. This amazing place is located in the Dubai mall and offers a beautiful and memorable journey of ocean life. Roam around and find out how they raise and feed the sea animals and giant fishes. Also, they will tell you about technicalities that would be quite interesting for you if marine biology is your favorite. You can also enjoy scuba diving and a beautiful zoo with a lot of animals and birds.

Also, you can explore the whole Dubai mall as it is the world’s biggest shopping mall with hundreds of shops. Next to the mall is Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest building)so if you are new here that’s a must-see.

Wadi Ghalilah

If you want to climb the staircase of Heaven on earth you should visit Wadi Ghalilah. It is located in Ras Al Khaimah and you can travel there by car easily. We recommend you to take our own car or contact any Monthly Rent A Car company to hire/lease a car to roam around conveniently anytime you want. Wadi Ghalilah is the mountain trail that is quite close to the Oman border. Although, this 1500 meter hike is not for everyone. But, if you have stamina and knowledge about hiking you can hike this mountain to enjoy a thrilling view from the top.

Mall of Emirates

It is the biggest mall in the middle east before the Dubai Mall. But still, it is the most elegant and beautiful mall. You should visit Mall of Emirates as it is the combination of the world’s best hotels, restaurants, theatres, and ski resorts. Enjoy the free wifi and amazing food from the top food court. You can enjoy shopping from the mall of emirates as it offers clothing from all the famous brands of the world. Don’t forget to enjoy the fantastic ski Dubai from the Mall of Emirates. Moreover, this mall is very neat and well-organized. They also organize Dubai shopping festivals and brands offer up to 90% Off at that time.

Jumeirah Beach

Your Dubai trip is incomplete if you didn’t visit Jumeirah beach. It is located in the Jumeirah district and named after it. This beach stretches along the south coast of the city. It also features large hotels, resorts, and different housing development that is quite popular among travelers around the globe. Also, this is one of the most expensive parts of Dubai. If we talk about Jumeirah beach it is located on the handiest location on the beach road. You are going to love the feel of the golden sand under your feet. Moreover, Jumeirah also has many grassy areas, man-made islands, and palm trees.


Dubai has many tourist attractions and you need a couple of days to completely explore it. If your trip duration is short, just visit the top-notch and most amazing places first. So when you are planning for your Dubai trip, make sure to select the best Dubai tour package. Also, rent a car from the cheap car rental Dubai company to explore the city of gold in your own way.